Why Hasn’t Dwyane Wade Made Up His Mind Yet?

IT”S official, we are in August and Dwyane Wade still remains unsigned. This isn’t due to a lack of interest. On the contrary, a ton of teams covet the services of the 12x All-Star. At the age of 36 though, Wade is faced with the harsh reality that the end of his illustrious career is near. Near, but we’re not at that day yet…right?

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I would be surprised if Wade did decide to call time on his career just like that, without much warning or celebration. It’s not out of the realm of possibility though. I mean there were times last year when he looked every bit like a player who was feeling the full effect of 15 pro seasons. Still, it seems pretty unlikely at this stage that we’ve seen the last of Wade.

SO why hasn’t he signed a new contract? Well for starters, what’s the rush? From both points of view actually. If he is planning on returning to the league and engages is serious talks (if he hasn’t already) with front offices, then the team will find a way to fit him in. Miami, the Lakers, Cleveland, Sacramento, Whoever. It’s also worth noting that while the large bulk of player movement is behind us there are still crucial roster moves that will take place all the way up until the playoffs. You don’t want to have your best possible team in August.

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MAXIMISING rest Wade this offseason is crucial as well, so he can afford to take a few extra weeks hanging out with his family. Wade has sat for a notable number of games in the last few seasons, in an effort to try and prolong his career. So every minute’s rest he can get is priceless. Even in the offseason.

WADE’S family will likely determine the final verdict for Wade and what he has planned in the next 12 months. His 16-year old son Zaire is starting to raise eyebrows as a potential pro prospect and Dwyane has stated that the right decision for his sons and their future would be a massive factor in his decision making this offseason. That decision is sure to come down to two teams IMO. Even if the Zhejiang Golden Bulls want to make him the highest paid player in China, Wade’s mind is on two destinations. Staying with the Miami Heat or rejoining LeBron with the Los Angeles Lakers.

DOES he choose legacy and one last ride with the team he helped win their first franchise or is LA the best spot for him to write the final chapter of his career? While the heartstrings might tell him to side with Miami, it’s only a matter of time before the WAde’s land in LA if you ask me. It makes a lot of sense from a family perspective and for his life post pro basketball.

OF course, I could be dead wrong, I’m only voicing my opinion. One thing I’m sure we can all agree on though is that as long as Wade doesn’t hang his sneakers up basketball fans will be happy to see him on the NBA hardwood, perhaps for one last season.

Peace ✌

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