AFL Fantasy 2018 – Round 15 Wrap Up

I’M not going to be greedy, but I wanted more. This week saw a bunch of coaches benefit from huge scores as Tom Mitchell suffering a severe case of leather poisoning. A few of my potatoes didn’t get the message that high scores were the flavour of the round with 12 players eclipsing 120. Frankly, I was just happy to see 22 green dots.

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My Team

2202 – The number of times I refreshed my Twitter feed while writing this article for news on LeBron (update: it’s not good news Cavs fans)
ONCE again there were a few passengers who hurt my score this week. Luke (not Liam) let me down with a 35 and Heeney’s concussion was a bugger. The lack of BIG scores and too many sub 100’s held me back from going huge. Still, not bad.

AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 15 Wrap Up 1

Breaking News

FROM a tribunal perspective Nick Vlaustin is the only one copping a ban. He will face one-week on the sidelines for an elbow that connected with Luke Parker’s face. Buddy Franklin was luckier, avoiding suspension after his stoush with Alex Rance on Thursday night. Another Swans forward Isaac Heeney failed to play out that match, with delayed concussion ending his night early. Watch as more news is revealed on his Round 16 status throughout the week.

ANOTHER fantasy gun in Nat Fyfe is under an injury cloud as well, with his hamstring complaint all but certainly ruling him out of at least next weekends game. Fremantle’s midfield beast could be out for a longer length of time with his injury, along with giant teammate Aaron Sandilands. Sandi was a late out with a calf complaint for Freo and isn’t expected to be back right away.

HIS replacement could be Sean Darcy, who played well in the reserves this weekend with three goals and 31 hitouts. Along with Darcy former club champion, Bradley Hill returned from injury to accumulate an impressive 25 touches. Across town, Dom Sheed was getting familiar with the footy for the Eagles two’s all but earning himself a recall after gathering a game-high 34 disposals. Outside of WA, Jack Watts was the other big name who could have reclaimed his with his solid showing in the SANFL.

Plus 3’s

Andrew Gaff, Eagles (MID, $748K – 148)
IT’S about time we start giving Andrew Gaff the respect he deserves. Still flying under the radar he’s one of the most consistent players out there averaging over 110 for the season. His huge 148 is only the second-best score he’s had this season, meaning there could be more to come. Gun.

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Brodie Grundy, Magpies (RUC, $803K – 151)
FOR anyone who didn’t think Brodie Grundy was a clear No. 1 ruck choice, think again. The big Pie towelled up the Suns with a 150+ on the weekend, as he continued his enormous season. Worth every penny.

Tom Mitchell, Hawks (MID, $841K – 195)
I couldn’t go through the positives without announcing Tom Mitchell. Holy f#*@71&$(@ing Jesus. WHAT A PERFORMANCE. I was kissed by forgetting to field Dylan Clarke and locking Jake Lloyd’s 125 as my captain score. Instead, I was able to sit back and watch every score multiple by the second with a smile on my dial like tons of others.

Negative 3’s

Robbie Gray Power (FWD/MID, $539K – 62)
I had the last straw with Robbie Gray about four weeks ago and frankly, I should have listened to myself sooner. Five 60’s in six weeks. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Yuk.

Rory Sloane, Crows (MID, $614K –65)
WHAT happened to the Rory Sloane who was scoring 150’s to start last season? Injuries have been a big reason his output has gone down this season, but even when he’s on the field Sloane has been struggling to get it going. Abort.

Devon Smith, Bombers (FWD/MID, $681K – 67)
AT this time of year we need our ‘premiums’ to live up to their name. An off day where they score 30 points below what is expected can haunt you and hopefully, this is a one-off from Devon.

AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 15 Wrap Up 3Image from

Noteworthy Numbers

THANKS to their injuries Nat Fyfe (MID, $685K – BE 154) and Isaac Heeney (MID/FWD, $630K – BE 147) own two of the highest breakevens entering Round 16. Other players on the decline include Ed Curnow (MID, $690K – BE 138) and Dayne Zorko (MID, $717K – BE 133) who are both going to be ripe for the picking in a few weeks. Devon Smith (FWD/MID, $681K – BE 130) needs to get his act together as well.

WHEN it comes to youngsters, three new fellas performed well enough on debut to offer serious value. Bulldog Brad Lynch (DEF, $191K – BE 4) doesn’t seem to be going anywhere while mids Brayden Sier (MID, $201K – BE -10) and Quintin Narkle (MID, $204K – BE -14) likely to hold their spots. Don’t sleep on Stefan Grio (MID, $292K – BE 5) and Josh Battle (FWD, $284K – BE -13) either.

NOTHING has changed this week with Josh Kelly (MID, $783K – L3 137) still the pick as the best form player right now. Tom Mitchell’s (MID, $841K – L3 133) big score draws him closer, but Kelly deserves the top rung. In other lines, Kade Simpson (DEF, $686K – L3 116.7) and Brodie Grundy (RUC, $803K – L3 118.3) are on fire. The forwards have been a bit of a letdown, however, Justin Westhoff (MID/FWD, $670K – L3 105) is still delivering. I was flat out wrong about that one.

Quickfire Trade Thoughts

IN – THERE are a few value picks in the trade section this week. I think that chasing a cheaper player like Matt Crouch (MID, $658K – 120) and/or Dayne Beams (MID, $694K – 112) could save you some money to use elsewhere. I have confidence that both of them can finish the season averaging 110 as well.  are value. If you can afford Josh Kelly (MID, $783K – 107)  then I think it’s still wise to pull the trigger and get him. He’s the only exception though unless of course, you are one of the nine people in the world without Tom Mitchell.

THE best three options moving forward have already been mentioned. Brayden Sier (MID, $201K – 82) is my preference over Quintin Narkle (MID, $204K – 88) purely because I think Sier has better job security, but that could change on Thursday. Brad Lynch (DEF, $201K – BE -10) is another option.

OUT – FOR me Robbie Gray (FWD/MID, $539K – 62) signed his transfer paper on Saturday and he will be a popular trade out for many coaches. Our hand might be forced if Isaac Heeney (MID/FWD, $630K – 18) misses or if you are a Nat Fyfe (MID, $685K – 36) owner.

ON the rookie front topped out cash cows are the priority and this week it’s likely Matt Guelfi (FWD/MID, $429K – 45) for most. He can be both upgraded and downgraded in midfield and forward depending on your scenario and he’s served his role. If you own  Liam Ryan (FWD, $345K – 25) and Willie Riolo (FWD, $342K – 50) in your forward line or are still stuck with Bailey Rice (DEF, $337K – 25) down back, they can go.

Looking Ahead

FOR me this week’s trades are all about getting rid of Robbie Gray. That probably means that I will be downgrading Ryan or Rice and bringing in one of the trio I mentioned already (Sier/Lynch/Narkle in that order at the moment). The other move is either Gray to Simpson or one of the value mids. Both Crouch and Beams are enticing and both could be in my midfield in the near future.

Good luck in Round 15!

Peace ✌

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