Who Needs to Win the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery the Most?

IN just a few hours we will find out the order for the 2018 NBA Draft. Lottery night comes with plenty of promise and hope as teams aim to try and hit the jackpot to land a franchise calibre star. Some franchises need the ping pong balls to fall their way more than others and tonight could end years of heartbreak for some lucky fans.

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Phoenix Suns

I actually think Phoenix is in an OK spot moving forward. I have avidly voiced my displeasure over their big man depth and there are a few amazing prospects towards the top of the food chain in this year’s class. Ayton or Bagley paired with Devin Booker and the rest of their list is all of a sudden a team going somewhere. They do have the best odds of landing the coveted No. 1 pick and if they stay in that spot it’s hard to see the Suns not going big.

Orlando Magic

ORLANDO has been treading water for years, winning around 30-35 games annually for as long as I can remember. Ever since Dwight Howard left in 2012 the front office hasn’t hit on many of their selections, leaving the team full of promise but still languishing at the bottom of the standings. Landing the likes of DeAndre Ayton or Luka Doncic to change the fortunes of their franchise would be a pleasant start to the offseason for the Magic.

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Charlotte Hornets

SPEAKING of Dwight Howard, his current team the Charlotte Hornets are yet to really make an impact in the NBA over their 28 seasons. They still have their best player in franchise history on the list in Kemba Walker, but it’s time for something to go right for Buzz City. If they could leapfrog into the top-3 then not only does their team get instantly better, they have a big name player who can generate some interest in the team and put bums on seats.

Sacramento Kings

FROM a roster perspective no one needs the ping pong balls to fall their way more than the Kings. Making matter worse the Kings don’t own a 2019 first-rounder right now, not great news for a team lacking talent. Failing to make the postseason for 12 straight years (the longest in the league) has fans feeling defeated and I have my doubts that De’Arron Fox and Vince Carter are going to turn that around next season. They are screaming out for a franchise-altering player and there may be a few within their grasp. Jumping up a handful of spots improves the odds of finding that one of a kind guy.

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New York Knicks

YEARS and years of turmoil have left Knicks fans collectively throwing their hands up in the air. Questionable contracts, failed draft picks and a slew of underwhelming coaches later and New York is still at the bottom of their rebuild. They do have a franchise guy in Porzingis, but given the rest of their roster construct, they would love to get their hands on another star at the top of the lottery.

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