AFL Fantasy 2018 – Round 7 Wrap Up

I’M in a weird spot after Round 7. I was happy with how my team performed despite the lack of mammoth scores and I still slid slightly in ranking. That being said, a managed to dodge any injury woes (so far) and I have some moves that could see me climb back up the standings. Either that or I’m destined to keep plummeting.

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My Team

1935 – The year the Hoover Dam was completed.
NINE players in my team scored a ton, but there was only two that went over 110. A few of the rookies let me down, but overall it was a solid team effort. A few cash cows are close to topping out which means it might be time for a double downgrade.

AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 7 Wrap Up 1

Plus 3’s

Dayne Zorko, MID, $576K – 176
ZORKO the great returned to his magical best against the Pies and it might have come at the worst possible time. A lot of coaches traded the Brisbane mid out last week only to see him more than double his previous scores. Life sucks sometimes.

James Sicily, DEF/FWD, $594K – 135
SIC Dog looked like an All-Australian defender on the weekend and might be cementing himself as a top-6 defender. A perfect upgrade target from Jeremy Finlayson if you ask me.

Toby McLean, MID/FWD, $671K – 143
SHOUTOUT to Toby McLean for taking the next step this season. I have been looking at bringing him in over the last few weeks and to be honest I might have missed the boat. Spewing.

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Negative 3’s

Jarryd Lyons, MID, $694K – 61
THE yo-yo season from Lyons continued this week as the Suns mid put up a stinker. Coming off a 130+ score you would have thought that he could have at least junked his way towards an 80/90 against the Dogs. Sorry to those who took my advice and brought him in, but he seems destined to bounce between 50 and 120+.

Isaac Heeney, MID/FWD, $644K – 75
HEENEY is usually good for about 20 points more than this and was one of the rare premiums to misfire this week. He’ll bounce back.

Tim English, RUC/FWD, $425K – 39
ROOKIES usually avoid the -3’s, but I’m making an exception for English. I thought he would have rebounded from his sub 40 score against the likes of Jarrod Witts and instead he failed again. It’s time for him to go.

Quickfire Trade Thoughts

IN – IF you want a big fish then Dayne Zorko (MID, $576K – 176) is your guy. He won’t be cheaper than this so it might be time to make the investment while you can. My trades this week will have an impact on my bye structure and it’s getting to the point in the season where we need to start thinking how to attack them. I am low on players with the Round 12 bye so guys like Kade Simpson (DEF, $576K – 112), Toby McLean (MID/FWD, $671K – 143), Jack Macrae (MID, $826K – 151), James Sicily (DEF, $594K – 135) and Jack Redden (MID, $569K – 138) are super appealing.

ON the rookie front the same three young cash cows who entered the fray last week will be the pick of the bunch. I have them ranked Charlie Spargo (FWD/MID, $276K – 71), Kobe Mutch (MID, $235K – 66) and Ben Ronke (FWD, $236K – 56) with Lachlan Keefe (DEF/FWD, $198K – 76) putting an impressive effort forward too.

OUT – PLAYERS on the outs still include the frustrating Jack Billings (FWD, $551K – 66) and Luke Parker (MID, $623K – 73) who are both still failing. A lot of the premium guys managed to score around the 100 mark, but the two above culprits continue to frustrate their owners.

TIM English (RUC/FWD, $425K – 39) will be one of the most popular traded out players this week after his second straight crap score. Similarly to the premiums a lot of rooks had solid games to keep their breakevens low but it could be time to cash out Andrew Brayshaw (MID, $375K – 78), Bailey Banfield (MID, $381K – 73), Zac Guthrie (DEF, $297K – 56) and maybe Zac Giles-Langdon (FWD, $252K – 36) too.

Looking Ahead

  • THERE was no suspension news to report (see what I did there), but there were a handful of injuries that matter. Scott Pendlebury is in doubt for this weekends game against Geelong after tweaking his ankle. I’d be trading him out as these ‘week to week’ woes seem to stretch into at least two or three more often than not (see: Josh Kelly). One guy who will be out for at least two to three is Luke Shuey after he hurt his hammy early against the Power. Shane Savage and Sydney’s Josh Kennedy were the other two who experience issues, but they shouldn’t be a problem. Finally, Marcus Bontempelli, who was a late out with hip soreness, could potentially miss more time.
  • FOR me this week Tim English is probably gone with plenty of downgrade targets available. Spargo will probably come in and I’m tempted to do a double down move and grab Kobe Mutch as well. I do want to get McLean or Simpson to help sort out my bye structure so an upgrade for one of them is also on the cards.

Good luck in Round 8!

Peace ✌

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