AFL Fantasy 2018 – Round 4 Wrap Up

THIS game sucks sometimes. This weekend saw more failing premo’s, injuries and sub-2000 scores as coaches struggle to keep their head above water. Throw in the fact that Tom Mitchell looked broken and Round 4 was not a happy hunting ground for coaches.

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My Team

1865 – The year Arnott’s Biscuits are founded by William Arnott
EMBARRASSING. I opted to trade Steele Sidebottom (137) into my team over Coniglio and he rewarded me straight away. The rest of my team though, not so great. Premium’s stranded on scores in the 60-80 mark continues to leave my squad underachieving and falling further back in ranking. Jake Lloyd (67) and Jack Billings (81) should be very nervous.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.43.56 PM

Plus 3’s

Michael Hurley, DEF, $656K – 131
An interesting option in a field of defenders who fail to remain consistent is Michael Hurley. With a mammoth 131 against the Power there’s no denying his ability to go bang and if he can provide us 90+ each week, we’ll take it!

Brodie Grundy, RUC, $781K – 126
GRUNDY probably hasn’t been given enough credit for how he has shredded the ‘Cox Effect’ to pieces through one month of footy. Averaging nearly 120 a week and priced at almost $800K, those who were brave enough to start with him deserve a ton of credit.

Jack Macrae, MID, $786K – 128
UNDERRATED gun. Macrae keeps getting it done and looms as a perfect upgrade for a failing premium midfielder. 115+ week in, week out.

Negative 3’s

Kade Simpson, DEF, $683K – 66
AFTER the first game of the season I thought that Kade Simpson was a must have. Right now, I’m not so sure. We need to see more 90+ scores to warrant adding him to our squads.

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Jake Lloyd, DEF, $629K – 67
ANOTHER premium defender who is letting us down is the Swans backman Jake Lloyd. Whether it is related to a role change, the presence of Jarrad McVeigh or something else, owners patience is wearing thin.

Patrick Cripps, MID, $694K – 76
MUCH like Lachie Whitfield, Cripps has disappointed after a blistering start. His scoring output has decreased every week and if you are new to fantasy, that is not a good thing.

Quickfire Trade Thoughts

IN – WHEN it comes to defenders if you want a reliable option you might consider Paul Seedsman (DEF/MID, $575K – 119). The Crows defender has had great consistency and his DPP is a bonus. In the mids, Jack Macrae (MID, $786K – 128) is on fire, look no further. Finally, up forward I like the looks of Toby Mclean (MID/FWD, $622K – 91) and if he can keep pinch hitting through the guts for the Dogs he will be good for close to a ton every week.

THE likes of Zach Merrett (MID, $622K – 121) and Adam Treloar (MID, $724K – 135) returned to glory this week. Merrett has lost $200K already and with a breakeven of 107, he looks ripe for the picking. If I was making the move though on both he and Treloar I’d wait one more week. Finally, a handful of cash cows Nick Coffield (DEF/MID, $308K – 69), Mitch Crowden (FWD/MID, $247K – 78) and debutant Matt Guelfi (FWD, $193K – 64) all looked like great options.

OUT – TWO players who found themselves omitted last week in Dom Barry (MID, $275K – DNP) and David Armitage (MID, $490K – DNP) should be traded out if they fail to earn a recall.  Premium mids who have struggled like Dayne Zorko (MID, $660K – 63) and Rory Sloane (MID, $665K – 46) are popular trade out options, along with underperformers Jack Billings (FWD, $623K – 81) and Jake Lloyd (DEF, $629K – 67).

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DON’T overreact and trade out guys after one bad showing. Players that fall in that bracket include Michael Walters (MID/FWD, $628K – 68) and Matthew Kreuzer (RUC, $685K – 60) while the looming DPP for Lachie Whitfield (MID, $678K – 66) means he should also be held. Andrew Brayshaw (MID, $317K – 46) and Bayley Fritsch (FWD, $313K – 47) are getting close to topping out in price and are going to be popular choices to be moved on.

Looking Ahead

  • THE biggest injury concern for next week revolves around Josh Kelly and his suspect groin. He could be looking at another week on the sidelines so keep your ear to the ground on his status. Marc Muphy who was a late out for the Blues faces a stint on the sidelines with plantar fascias woes in his left foot. The status of Toby McLean and Daniel Venebles is a little in the air, but both were ready to play again after hurting themselves.
  • POOR Tom Rockliff continued his fall from grace. He only had 43 points and was hampered by a calf injury. It hurts to see him likes this. In Tribunal news, the only fantasy relevant guy involved was Sam Murray, who has since been cleared of any wrongdoing for his hit on Mitch McGovern.
  • MY first trade for this week is likely to be Liam Ryan out to a $170K ruck so that I can field Tim English in my forwards. The second move is a bit of a luxury trade with the likes of Billings, Lloyd and Neale all on the chopping block, with an upgrade to a premium who is actually playing like a premium in mind. Brayshaw and Fritsch could also be cashed in so I can launch into the Round 6 trades with a massive bank and brand new bunch of DPP options.

Peace ✌

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