AFL Fantasy 2018 – Round 2 Wrap Up

THE games from Round 2 were stretched out over a long, five-day Easter span. We finally have all the numbers and stats from the last week, with a few popular picks struggling to go really big. Merrett struggled, Mitchell dominated and a bunch of rookies came to the party which saw a score just over 2,000 as passable.

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My Team

2115 – THANKS to some Tom Mitchell (137) and Tim Kelly (115) magic on Easter Monday I was able to top 2K and then some. Of course, my score was weighed down by a bunch of underperformers with just six scores in triple figures across my entire team! I was a lot better off than some though with rookies Jeremy Finlayson (90) and Liam Ryan (91) starring on my field. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this week, but not fully satisfied.

Plus 3’s

Rory Laird, DEF, $750K – 141
THIS guy is incredible. One of my first picks this preseason and the same for plenty of other coaches was to slot Laird into that first defender slot and boy oh boy has he delivered. His 141 against the Tigers on Thursday came after he scored 124 in Round 1 against the Bombers. Gun.

Gary Ablett, MID, $842K – 138
ABLETT looks to be back at the peak of his powers in 2018. If it wasn’t for Mitchell’s dominance then a lot more people would be talking about Ablett, who had his way against Hawthorn running around the MCG racking up touches. The little master is back.

Tim Kelly, MID, $319K – 115
I always try to avoid putting the same player in the plus/minus three section on back-to-back weeks. Tim Kelly is a unique case. The mature age recruit DOMINATED against the Hawks en route to a score of 115. He has gathered 27 touches in both his games so far and seems to have cemented a pace in Geelong’s team for the year. If you don’t have him, he should be your No. 1 target this week.

Negative 3’s

Zach Merrett, MID, $707K – 78
COME on Zac. We all forgave you for your low score last week and were keen to see you bounce back. Instead, you laid an egg at Optus Stadium as Bailey Banfield shut you down. Merrett does play the Bulldogs this week and should go big, but keeping him off the back of two low scores might be a risky play.

Jack Billings, FWD, $676K – 71
THESE type of scores from premo’s hurt. Billings’ 71 did come in a bad loss for the Saints, but still for a guy of his calibre to not register a shot on goal was a bummer. Life doesn’t get a ton easier with the Crows playing St Kilda a visit this week. Fingers crossed Billings bounces back.

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Sam Menegola, MID/FWD, $653K – 50
ACTUALLY why am I mad at Billings for scoring 71, when players like Menegola are dishing up 50’s!! In the preseason I wrote about him talking about how he could still be a solid scorer despite the presence of ‘Dangerwoodlet’. Considering Duncan didn’t play this week either it’s time for coaches to cut ties.

Quickfire Trade Thoughts

IN – IF you started with Steph Coniglio (MID, $725K – 120) and/or Lachie Whitfield (MID, $717K – 123) take a bow. The two Giants young guns continue to outperform their price tag and are both viable trade targets. Outside of GWS players, Bryce Gibbs (MID, $812K – 113), Jack Steven (MID, $704K – 113) and Robbie Gray (FWD, $597K – 119) all performed admirably and should be on your list of guys to consider.

CHEAPER and some unique options include Michael Walters (MID/FWD, $593K – 120), Blake Acres (MID/FWD, $599K – 92) and Jarryn Geary (DEF, $476K – 91). There are others that could be smart investments, but those three are my favourite options. However, the pick of the underpriced bunch is Tim Taranto (MID/FWD, $497K – 91), who looks to have locked a place in that talented Giants midfield.

OUT – SEE you later Michael Hibberd (DEF, $600K – 69)! I gave him a pass for his performance against the Cats, but putting up similar numbers against Brisbane isn’t good enough. The biggest question around trading players out this week is what you should do with Zach Merrett (MID, $707K – 78). His breakeven of 176 is the highest in the league heading into Round 3, and with the Dons stud set to bleed cash, moving him on isn’t a terrible choice.

OTHER guys who have failed early on and own massive breakevens include Tom Rockliff (MID, $631K – 33) and Taylor Adams (MID, $743K – 82). Rocky should be traded immediately and Adams isn’t far off. Most of the rookies have been fruitful early on. However, if you find yourself carrying Cameron Rayner (MID/FWD, $257K – 24) or Paddy Dow (MID, $273K – 37) then using a trade or two this week to fix up those picks or other average cash cows is a smart move.

Looking Ahead

  • LAST weekend saw the health of some relevant fantasy guys threw a bit of a spanner in the works for coaches. Matt Crouch was the biggest gun struck down by injury and he is a must trade with his hamstring injury. The health of late outs Toby Greene, Matthew Kreuzer and Mitch Duncan will also be worth monitoring when teams are dropped on Thursday.

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  • AS it stands this week I think Zach Merrett and Michael Hibberd have to go for me. If team selections see a tempting rookie named or one of my guys axed plans may change, but I might look at downgrading Hibbo so that I can pounce on the likes of Ablett or Dusty.
  • THERE is no Thursday night game this week so things return back to normal with a Friday lockout. I will be doing my weekly piece for the DT Talk guys, so check that out on Thursday as well.

Peace ✌

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