7 Teams Who Could Trade For Kemba Walker

ANOTHER ‘Woj-Bomb’ graced the Twittersphere today when the ESPN reporter announced the Charlotte Hornets are looking to trade their All-Star point guard Kemba Walker. It comes at a bit of a shock that they want to deal their franchise player, but it also kind of makes sense if they can pile some bad contracts in a potential deal. Here are the prime candidates who should be calling Rich Cho.

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New York Knicks

HAILING from New York, this is a match made in heaven. The Knicks might have to part with their top-10 pick from a year ago Frank Ntilikina to make a deal appealing enough for Charlotte. Throw in a protected pick and swap a few more contracts and it could be a go. It’s likely that if they are going to take on a bloated deal like Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist that Tim Hardaway would need to be moved too. Pairing Porzingis with an All-Star point guard makes it all worthwhile though.

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San Antonio Spurs

THIS would probably be the most fun trade and would vault San Antonio into the conversation as a threat to Dub Nation’s crown. Popovich’s annual strategy of plugging the holes in his team with guys no one has heard of is once again working a treat. Therefore they might be more inclined to stand pat and believe in the guys on their team. However, a lineup that boasts Walker, Aldridge and a healthy Kawhi Leonard is a pretty daunting one come playoff time.

New Orleans Pelicans

CLEARLY, the frontcourt is established in NOLA, so it’s time to address the backcourt. After emptying the bank on Jrue Holiday’s contract last year, their flexibility to make a trade is pretty limited. The other problem for the Pels, which pretty much sums up their entire season, is they don’t have a lot of talent outside of those three on their roster. E’twaun Moore and Rajon Rondo are fine and they have a handful of role guys. None of them would seriously tempt the Hornets though.

Detroit Pistons

HMMM. With the Reggie Jackson experiment clearly a failed one, there is plenty of reasons to believe the Pistons might move on. A deal centred on some of Detroit’s young and intriguing pieces plus Jackson’s deal might be worth accepting from a Hornets perspective in what has been a slow trade season. This one seems like a solid idea on paper, but I’m not sold that both teams would pull the trigger.

Minnesota Timberwolves

IMAGINE if the T-Wolves could make a deal for Walker? Jeff Teague would have to bite the dust along with the likes of Shabazz Muhammad and/or Cole Aldrich with the chance a pick is included. Considering they have their young core, a draft pick could be sacrificed to get a deal done. It’s fun to dream, but I don’t think Minnesota wants to mess with what they have going right now.

Philadelphia 76ers

LITTERED with potential trade pieces outside of their two young superstars the Sixers might be the best-poised team to offer a deal to Charlotte. Giving them a young talent like Dario Saric and adding a Jarryd Bayless/Amir Johnson type isn’t terrible for both sides, although it’s likely more contracts and pieces will need to be added. Given Markelle Fultz’s uncertainty, it also takes some of the pressure off of him and his responsibility to immediately contribute when he returns. It also helps turn the 76ers into a bonafide playoff team out in the East and dare I say might complete the process.

Phoenix Suns

IT’S been a long cold winter in the desert. Winless season after winless season has seen the Suns stay near the bottom of the league, but could that all be about to change? For the small price of either Dragan Bender or Marquese Chriss plus say Jarred Dudley and Alan Williams, the Suns can obtain the services of (big contract the Hornets want to dump) and Kemba Walker. Walker and Booker would form an exciting cornerstone for the franchise moving forward.

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Final Verdict

WHEN he addressed the media today Kemba was apparently visibly emotional regarding the latest rumours. He has every right to considering what he has given the franchise over his seven years in the league and Walker deserves the opportunity to be moved to a contender or a winning franchise.

IF I could control the outcome I would love to put Kemba on the Spurs and I think they have the pieces to make a deal work. However, I think a return home to New York and teaming up with Kristaps Porzingis will is the most likely outcome should a trade get pushed through before the deadline.

Peace ✌️

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