Anthony Davis Can’t Catch A Break

POOR AD, he once again is looking at a stint on the sidelines. After suffering a concussion against the Nuggets, Davis left the game in the third quarter and didn’t return for the Pelicans with his status heading forward still clouded. Unfortunately for ‘The Brow’, this isn’t a new headline.

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INJURIES have plagued the New Orleans star for his whole career so far. Just 43 minutes into his career with the then Hornets, Davis suffered a concussion that sidelined him for a few games and he went on to play 64 games out of a possible 82 in his first season as a pro. Not exactly the start you want to your NBA career.

SINCE then injury issues have been a staple of Anthony Davis’ annual story. A stress reaction in his rookie year, a hand fracture/back spams 12 months on, shoulder issues that forced him to miss the 2015 All-Star game and a season-ending torn labrum in March a year later. It’s fair to say that we have been robbed of some of Ant’s best years. Making matters those years also coincide with part of AD’s prime.

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DAVIS has played just 350 of a possible 426 games in his career including the game against Denver last night, good for just over 82%. To put that into perspective the cyborg LeBron James has played an inhumane 93.8%, the glass ankles belonging to Steph Curry have appeared on an NBA court 89.7% of the time and Derrick ‘ ACL’ Rose owns a career percentage of 72.7%. Meshing somewhere in between the likes of Curry and Rose, two already injury prone players isn’t a place you want to be.

THE walking 25/10 that is Anthony Davis has already missed games this season with a knee injury and will likely remain out for a few with this latest concussion issue. Even though the Pelicans are in line for a playoff appearance early on in the year, the roller coaster that is Davis’ health keeps a ceiling on any potential achievement for NOLA. Hopefully, we can see Ant add to his four playoff game tally and continue to confirm our suspicions that he is one of the greatest young players in the league. However, if we experience a few more injuries we could reach the stage were Davis has his prime taken away from him and he joins Grant Hill and others in the great ‘what if’ category.

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