Trade Targets As The NFL Trade Deadline Nears

WITH Tuesday’s trade deadline fast approaching, NFL teams are running out of time to fix the problems they have with their current squad. That could be shedding a big contract, trading to add depth to a certain position or replacing a key injured piece for a run at the playoffs and hopefully the Lombardi trophy. More likely than not teams will stand pat and big names won’t be moving area codes. The seven players below could benefit from a move and teams should come calling.

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Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals, WR

WITH Carson Palmer now done and dusted with a broken arm, it could spell the end of his career. If that is the case I’m sure Larry Fitzgerald won’t want to spend his remaining day catching passes from Drew Stanton or whoever is left over under center for the Cardinals.  He has been a loyal servant for over 13 years and 200 games, so Arizona should do the right thing and send him to catch passes from Tom Brady or Drew Brees for his remaining days. Hopefully that means we can see him doing this again in the playoffs…

Wait for it…

Eric Ebron, Detroit Lions, TE

THE Eric Ebron experiment hasn’t worked in Detroit, so it’s time for them to cut their losses. The former #10 overall pick seemed ready to become a 1,000-yard target this season, but instead, he has just 160 yards from seven games. The Broncos should come calling, along with the Ravens and 49ers as Ebron is still only 24 and has plenty of time to become a better footballer with a fresh start.

Duane Brown, Houston Texans, LT

AFTER holding out for the start of the season the Texans reliable mainstay on the offensive line is a welcome addition to protect rookie Deshaun Watson. There are definitely other teams (*cough Philadelphia, Seattle, cough*) that need his stability and services on their O-line more than Houston and even though the Texans may choose to hold onto him they could try and demand a king’s ransom for Brown and some teams may just be ready to pay it.

Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks, TE

DUE to make $10 million this season Jimmy Graham could be a salary dump candidate in an effort to give the Seahawks some financial flexibility. He isn’t the same dominant tight end he once was at New Orleans, but even at the age of 30 he still a daunting red zone target for opposing defenses. He has been rumoured to be in talks with the Texans for the aforementioned Duane Brown, but there are plenty of others who may come calling.

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Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings, QB

NOW that Bridgewater is close to returning from his devastating 18-month injury, the Vikings may have a conundrum on their hands. They have three solid quarterbacks on their roster (mind you two of them are dealing with injury issues) and they could decide to deal one. If they chose to so then the Cardinals are a perfect fit due to Palmer’s age/injury. Make it happen!

Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh Steelers, WR

DUH. Byrant is clearly on the way out in Pittsburgh and his replacement JuJu Smith Schuster had a day OUT this week with over 190 receiving yards. Head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the situation with the troubled receiver in the postgame saying that he’s not confident that Bryant will be a part of their squad down the stretch. The Chicago Bears should have already called Kevin Colbert and if they haven’t Buffalo should be dialing right now.

Eli Manning, New York Giants, QB

IT’S clear that we need to find the Jaguars a quarterback that is not named Blake Bortles. After weeks of rumours, the time is now to pull the trigger on a deal and Eli Manning is the one who should be moved to land in Jacksonville. With the Giants clearly done and dusted for 2017 at 1-6, it’s time to move on from the Manning reign and kickstart their rebuild. Translation: send him away for good draft picks. Win-win.

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