Grading Every Deal From The 2017 AFL Trade Period

EARLIER in the year at the NBA trade deadline, I decided to summarise the NBA trade deadline in the form of emoji’s. So I’ve decided to do a similar thing after the AFL Trade Period only this time I’m channelling my teaching side and handing out grades. Despite the first week proving quite uneventful, as was the way last year the final day saw a flurry of moves with 22 trades completed on D-day. With 31 trades in total, there was plenty of big names that switched clubs, let’s dive in.

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TRADE #1: Melbourne Demons get – Jake Lever and pick 36
Adelaide Crows get – Pick 10, 2018 1st and 4th round picks (Demons)

THE Demons entered the trade period with one name in mind, Jake Lever. It cost them their first-round pick, but Melbourne got their man and hopefully, for fans, their prayers will be answered. Lever didn’t exactly leave the Crows on the best of terms so circle the Dees-Crows matchup as must-watch TV when the new Dee lines up against his former skipper Tex Walker.

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TRADE #2: Essendon Bombers get – Devon Smith, pick 25 and 2018 2nd round pick (Giants)
Greater Western Sydney Giants get – Pick 11 and 2018 3rd round pick (Bombers)

BEFORE the trade period I read a piece on how the Bombers have failed to trade in talent and they needed to bring in some veterans to complement their current squad. They did so by firstly landing talented mid/forward Devon Smith. The Giants were reluctant to see him go at first, but amidst all the talks of Essendon using their top pick (#11) in a potential Jake Stringer trade GWS pounced and secured a worthwhile selection at the cost of Smith.

TRADE #3: Hawthorn Hawks get – Jarman Impey and pick 68
Port Adelaide Power get – Pick 34, 62 and 2018 4th round pick (Hawks)

I really like this addition to Hawthorn. Impey was a smart investment and could easily become a member of their best 22. Port lost a good depth piece, but with their premiership window open it was for the best. They needed top grade talent and Impey makes way for the arrival of such guys.

TRADE #4: Western Bulldogs get – Hayden Crozier and 2018 4th round draft pick (Dockers)
Fremantle Dockers get – Pick 41 and 83

CROZIER failed to further his career at Fremantle becoming a squad member rather than a permanent member of their team. There’s no proving that he will be anything more at the Bulldogs, but essentially for pick 83, he’s worth the gamble for the Dogs.

TRADE #5: Essendon Bombers get – Adam Saad
Gold Coast Suns get – 2018 2nd round pick (Bombers)

SURE Saad is fast and offers upside, but for a pick that could be inside the top 30 next year? Not so great. The Suns clearly need talent on their team and investing in future picks in a supposedly ‘super draft’ next year is a good way to go about business.

TRADE #6: Port Adelaide Power get – Jack Watts
Melbourne Demons get – Pick 31

JACK Watts had clearly overstayed his welcome in Melbourne. He needed a fresh start and arriving at the Power has the chance to jumpstart (pun intended) his career. For the former No. 1 pick the 31st choice may seem like a downgrade, but to get a second round pick for a guy who doesn’t want to be at your club and hasn’t produced at a consistent level is a massive win.

TRADE #7: West Coast Eagles get – Brendon Ah Chee and 2018 4th round pick (Hawks)
Port Adelaide Power get – 2018 3rd round pick (Eagles)

ONE thing the Eagles lack is outside run and their last investment Lewis Jetta hasn’t had a stellar stay in Perth. With just 27 games under his belt, Ah Chee still has plenty of time to become a contributor for West Coast in that role. Port essentially moved forward 15-20 spots in next years draft for his loss. Not great, not awful.

TRADE #8: Melbourne Demons get – Harley Balic
Fremantle Dockers get – Pick 66

IT has been mentioned publicly that Fremantle wanted more for Balic than pick 66, but they couldn’t get it. Melbourne also owned pick 47 and the Dockers could have sacrificed one or more of their later selections to really push for that to become a reality. They didn’t.

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TRADE #9: Gold Coast Suns get – Harrison Wigg, pick 54 and 2018 4th round pick (Crows)
Adelaide Crows get – Pick 39

LET me get this straight. The Crows moved up 15 spots at the cost of a solid youngster and a future draft pick? Not the smartest move in franchise history and Wigg has a real chance to play a prominent role in the sunny state thanks to his versatility.

TRADE #10: Adelaide Crows get – Bryce Gibbs, pick 77 and 2018 3rd and 4th round pick (Blues)
Carlton Blues gets – Pick 10 (via Demons), 16, 73 and 2018 2nd round pick (Crows)

FINALLY it happened, Adelaide landed Bryce Gibbs. With their premiership window wide open the time to strike for a big fish was now and they certainly did that by trading for Gibbs. The Blues have invested 11 years into his development and got just rewards for their role in nurturing his career. While the Crows second-round pick next year will be in the late 30’s it’s still a good get to compliment two first rounders this season.

TRADE #11: Gold Coast Suns get – Pick 50 and 2018 1st round pick (Eagles)
West Coast Eagles get – Pick 21, 26, 37 and 2018 2nd round pick (Suns)

IF Gold Coast is again bad in 2018 then that second round pick becomes a choice in the early 20’s. That plus improving their hand in this year’s draft is a great investment at the cost of one first round pick next season for the Eagles. The only problem is if West Coast’s season flat lines in 2018 they’re in trouble.

TRADE #12: Gold Coast Suns get – Aaron Young
Port Adelaide Power get – 2018 4th round pick (Crows)

AARON Young showed glimpses of his talent last with 11 goals from his 13 games, making him a worthwhile investment for next years fourth rounder from Gold Coast. I pointed out above how the Power lost Impey who was a good depth player and the same applies to Young. Will Port Adelaide regret his exit if the injury bug bites?

TRADE #13: St Kilda Saints get – Logan Austin and 2018 4th round pick (Power)
Port Adelaide Power get – 2018 3rd round pick (Saints)

IT’S hard to define a clear winner in this trade with Austin only playing 13 career games to date. Worth a gamble for moving back a round from St Kilda’s perspective and vice versa for Port Adelaide to move up.

TRADE #14: Collingwood Magpies get – Sam Murray, pick 70 and 2018 3rd round pick (Swans)
Sydney Swans get – 2018 2nd round pick (Magpies)

FORGET for a minute the depth and potential stars in next years draft and look at the deal on the surface. Sydney will likely play finals again and the Magpies will likely miss out, meaning that the future picks are going to feature at the end and start of each round respectively. Not really a smart move when Sam Murray is the only thing to show for it Collingwood.

TRADE #15: Adelaide Crows get – Sam Gibson
North Melbourne Kangaroos get – Pick 91

CONSIDERING the Roos were moving on from Gibson regardless getting something in return for him is a bonus no matter what it is. For Adelaide, the 130 game vet gives them more depth and another consistent vet with a cool head time should they need it.

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TRADE #16: Fremantle Dockers get – Nathan Wilson and pick 71
Greater Western Sydney Giants get – Pick 57 and 2018 2nd round pick (Dockers)

AFTER requesting a trade back to WA the Giants were able to get a decent reward for the talented half-back. With the Dockers likely to struggle next year, that second round pick will probably feature inside the top 25. On the other hand, Wilson will give Fremantle a strong rebounding option that can contribute right away. Pretty good for both sides.

TRADE #17: Carlton Blues get – Matthew Lobbe
Port Adelaide get – Pick 95

WHY Port Adelaide? Surely you could have pried something better than pick 95 away from Carlton for the near 100 game vet. Only nine times since 1986 has the 95th pick been used in a National Draft, three of which were rookie listings. It sheds some money to make way for their high profile recruits, but still not ideal for the Power.

TRADE #18: Essendon Bombers get – Jake Stringer
Western Bulldogs get – Pick 25 (via Giants) and 30

FULL disclosure I’ve never been a huge fan of Jake Stringer, but there is no denying his talents. Adding him as another string in their offensive bow is huge for Essendon and ‘The Package’ will instantly have an impact on the scoreboard for the Bombers alongside Joe Daniher. Considering the troubling month the Bulldogs had with Stringer two picks inside the top 30 is a good return for their premiership player.

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TRADE #19: Western Bulldogs get – Pick 16 (via Adelaide) and 40
Carlton Blues get – Pick 28 and 30 (via Essendon)

WE now know that this deal was made with further trades in mind. Pick 28 and 40 went on to find new homes later in the day and land the Dogs and Blues more coveted players. Footscray comes out slightly ahead based on snaring another first-round pick.

TRADE #20: Geelong Cats get – 2018 3rd round pick (Tigers)
Richmond Tigers get – Pick 53

BOTH teams made this trade in an effort to consolidate their draft hands to ensure father-son selections make their way to the club. For the Tigers, it’s Patrick Naish, the son of former Richmond veteran Chris they want and for Geelong, they are looking ahead for when Oscar Brownless (son of Cats legend Billy) becomes draft eligible next year. Win-win.

TRADE #21: Carlton Blues get – Matthew Kennedy
Greater Western Sydney Giants get – Pick 28 (via Bulldogs)

CARLTON always had an interest in Matthew Kennedy and after some complex wheeling and dealing with draft picks, they were finally able to land him. For GWS it meant improving their draft hand for this season.

TRADE #22: Brisbane Lions get – Luke Hodge and pick 44
Hawthorn Hawks get – Pick 43 and 75

LUKE Hodge was retired and done. So even though pick 75 might seem like nothing that’s still something that Hawthorn wasn’t planning on owning in this year’s draft. For Brisbane, even if Hodge doesn’t play a single game for the Lions it’s likely he will move into the coaches box once he officially retires. It’s a massive bonus for the team’s youngsters to have a veteran mind like Hodge’s close by.

TRADE #23: Carlton Blues get – Darcy Lang and 2018 4th round pick (Cats)
Geelong Cats get – Pick 58 and 2018 4th round pick (Blues)

EVEN though Lang won’t be a game changer next season he did some stuff in 2017 that proved he can be a good contributor. Once again the fourth round pick for Carlton will be higher than that of Geelong evening out the deal. Nil all draw.

TRADE #24: Geelong Cats get – Gary Ablett, pick 24 and 2018 4th round pick (Suns)
Gold Coast Suns get – Pick 19 and 2018 2nd round pick (Cats)

THE prodigal son returns! Essentially the Cats dealt a second round pick next year to Gold Coast for a fourth-round pick and the former Geelong hero. Pretty good move considering there was doubt that Ablett would find his way home this trade period. It’s isn’t a great return for the Suns for their former captain, but it’s better than losing him for nothing. And let’s be honest he hasn’t quite been the same in the past few seasons.

TRADE #25: Brisbane Lions get – Charlie Cameron
Adelaide Crows get – Pick 12

BOTH parties were satisfied with this deal. Cameron entered his trade request earlier in the trade period and from the word go, Adelaide played hardball, demanding an early pick for the talented young forward. They regained a first-round pick after shipping the others away for Gibbs so big ticks to the Crows there. That doesn’t mean Brisbane lost this deal though, snaring one of the most exciting X-factor’s in the comp.

TRADE #26: Port Adelaide Power get – Pick 59, 63 and 2018 2nd round pick (Saints)
St Kilda Saints get – Pick 34 (via Hawks) and 2018 4th round pick (Crows)

I’M of the firm belief that the higher the draft pick the better players career usually pan out. I know crazy right? Therefore by giving up pick 34 (received in the Impey trade) and a pick that will be last in the fourth round for a pick that will hover around the mid 20’s next year gives the Power the edge here.

TRADE #27: Gold Coast Suns get – Lachie Weller and pick 41 (via Hawks)
Fremantle Dockers get – Pick 2

LET’S get one thing straight, the fact that Freo got the second overall pick doesn’t make this deal a slam dunk. Not given their drafting history. There is a real chance that Weller could develop into something that is better than whoever the Dockers draft second overall and the Suns are stoked to be bringing a former academy player back. That being said this is a massive jumpstart for Fremantle in their rebuilding efforts and it could net them a cornerstone of their future.

TRADE #28: Fremantle Dockers get – Brandon Matera
Gold Coast Suns get – 2018 3rd round pick (Dockers)

ONCE again it’s tough to choose a winner here purely based on the fact that there are no guarantees around Matera. He has had games where he showed greatness, and then there are times when he looks lost and is fighting to keep his spot in the team. Regardless the Suns will happily accept a future top 50 pick for him, while Freo will pounce on the WA born forward who shapes as a ready-made replacement for Hayden Ballantyne when he finishes up.

TRADE #29: Western Bulldogs get – Josh Schache
Brisbane Lions get – Pick 25 (via Bombers & Giants) and 40 (via Carlton)

THIS was the final move that moved the good trade period for the Dogs into a great one. For a while, they have been lacking a potential big clunking forward and Schache has a chance to be just that. With the loss of Stringer and the uncertainty surrounding Travis Cloke, Schache will be given every opportunity to become a star. For Brisbane, the homesick youngster never established himself in Queensland and they will happily take some picks for him to return home to Vic.

TRADE #30: Brisbane Lions gets – Pick 15 and 52
Richmond Tigers gets – Pick 20 and 25 (via Bulldogs, Bombers & Giants)

AGAIN cementing their hand at the draft for the impending father-son bid the reigning premiers snared another pair of top 25 picks. It gives them some flexibility entering the 2017 draft, while Brisbane is able to regain a second first-round pick after dealing No. 12 for Charlie Cameron.

TRADE #31: Port Adelaide gets – Pick 36 and 2018 3rd round pick (Roos)
North Melbourne Kangaroos gets – 2018 3rd round pick (Saints) and 2018 3rd round pick (Eagles)

THERE’S no denying that North Melbourne has their work cut out for them moving forward, and moves like this may make life harder even if next years class is super duper. They basically sacrificed the 36th pick and one that will likely be in the low 30’s next season for two 2018 picks that seem destined to be later than both of them.

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