Who Is To Blame For The New York Giants 0-3 Start?

SINCE 1990 when the playoff field expanded to 12 teams, only three teams have gone from 0-3 to then make the postseason. That equates to 2% of the time a team pulls off the miracle revival. The way the New York Giants look right now, they will not become the fourth team to replicate that magic. It’s officially time to panic Giants fans.

Eli Manning

CAN you blame him? I mean at 36 and with 204 games of NFL on his resume Manning was bound to decline sooner rather than later. A career low quarterback rating (QBR) of 39.3 has him ranked as the 25th worst quarterback in the league at the moment despite his high completion rate of 73.5% (2nd highest in the league). Granted it’s worth mentioning he had to do without superstar Odell Beckham for one game. However, we may be watching the decline of one the past generations greats right before our eyes. And with no clear solution behind Manning, the future of the franchise could also be in the firing line.


ON average through the first three games, the Giants are giving up close to an extra touchdown worth of points. Last year they displayed one of the most dominant defensive units and they have looked anything but so far in 2017. Sure, they have locked down on the passing game, but they are giving up nearly twice as many rushing yards as last season. Through 16 games in 2016, they forced 25 turnovers, held opponents to a third-down percentage of 35.3% and allowed just 22 sacks. Fast forward to the present and just two turnovers, giving up 45.5% completion on third downs and eight sacks so far. Long story short, their defense was amazing last year. Now, they are shithouse.

Ben McAdoo

ILL discipline and poor play calling cost the Giants a win against the Eagles on Sunday. And it’s fair to point the blame at the man atop the food chain for his role in those shortcomings. New York has given up the fifth most amount of yards via penalties so far and the worst part is that they are coming at crucial parts of the game. Calls for McAdoo’s head have been ringing louder and louder as each week passes and there may be a shakeup in the future if the Giants continue to trend downwards. It seems like Ben McAdoo is treading on thin ice and it may be time for him to step away from the play calling duties.

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O-Line, Mainly Ereck Flowers

COSTLY penalties at poor times have plagued the Giants’ success so far. A holding penalty from starting left tackle Ereck Flowers late in the fourth quarter led to them having to punt the ball late, with the Eagles then marching into field goal territory. Flowers has given away three penalties so far this season (tied for the most at the Giants) and is clearly not a starting calibre offensive lineman in the NFL. In fact, New York’s whole O-line isn’t great and they only have themselves to blame after devoting nearly 65% of their salary to paying Eli Manning and their expensive defense. Eli released the ball at elite quickness against the Eagles, but it still wasn’t enough to get a win. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

Rushing Game

AT just 48.7 rushing yards a game New York ranks dead last in rushing the ball in 2017. It should come as no surprise though, with the Giants 29th in the same category last year and their leading rusher Rashad Jennings no longer on an NFL roster. You can’t help but think that if they had a decent back that would help ease the pressure on their ailing QB and woeful O-line as well. I don’t think Paul Perkins, Orleans Darkwa or Shane Vereen are their saviour’s either.

Moving Forward…

THE Giants are screwed. With an ageing QB, a suspect O-line and an underperforming defense it’s unlikely that they make a run for a playoff spot in 2017. There are plenty of talented players on the roster so not all hope is lost for their future. The schedule doesn’t get easier in a hurry through with visits to Tampa Bay and Denver on the horizon, with the Seahawks and Chiefs also coming up. Pencil in four L’s there and a division title is all but gone. One or two more losses added to that and they can kiss a wildcard spot goodbye as well.

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