NBA Stars Don’t Get Paid As Much As You Think

BEING a professional athlete is a dream that most people have at some point of their childhood. When we are faced with the harsh reality that we aren’t athletic enough to pursue such a career we watch as thousands of athletes around the globe continue to defy logic and perform physical feats that net them millions and millions of dollars. Some of those athletes are NBA players, who demand some of the highest salaries in the sporting world. But the Steph Curry’s and LeBron James’ of the world don’t pocket as much of those dollars as you may think.

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AN article released by ESPN earlier this week, they broke down the salary of Steph Curry for the upcoming season. In the offseason that just passed Curry signed a deal that will see him earn ‘in theory’ $201 MILLION dollars over a five-year period. The $34,682,550 he is scheduled to make this season though is quite far from what he will actually earn though.

ONCE Curry forks out the deductions for taxes, agent fees and escrow he stands to make just over $15 million for the upcoming year. Now don’t get me wrong making $15 million doesn’t make him hard done by any means, but it is less than HALF of what his contract ‘states’ he makes. In fact of all the top paid players heading into this season, including LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and newly signed free agents Gordon Hayward, Kyle Lowry and Paul Millsap, most of them are going to make half of their perceived contract value or less once all of their deductions are taken into account.

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OF course, most NBA players will earn endorsements and other luxuries on top of that, but it’s still an interesting insight to see just how much NBA stars actually make. In theory, when Steph Curry signed his massive $200 million dollar contract the reality is he will probably see closer to $90 mil of that actual deal. Still, I don’t know many people that would turn down $90 million over five years to play basketball…

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