Just How Serious Is Isaiah Thomas’ Hip Injury?

JUST in case you have been living under a rock, Isaiah Thomas is now a Cleveland Cavalier after being dealt by the Celtics for Kyrie Irving. His emotional farewell from Boston has been well publicised with every man, woman and dog weighing in on the issues surrounding Thomas and his injured hip. The All-Star ensures us that he will return better than ever once healthy. Should we believe him?

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HERE are the facts. There is speculation that Thomas’ hip injury is more than just a torn labrum as first thought. Apparently, that labrum tear was the result of underlying condition were Thomas has an extra bone or bone spur growing in his hip socket. That has led to potential arthritis issues and cartilage being broken down which is impacting his rehabbing process.

HIP injuries can be serious in the NBA with LaMarcus Aldridge, Jordan Hill, Wilson Chandler and Gerald Henderson all missing extended time due to the injury. Out of all these cases though Jonny Flynn’s injury was perceived as the worse and a determining factor in the top 10 pick spending just three short seasons on an NBA list.

THROUGHOUT his career Isaiah has battled numerous niggles and complaints. Which NBA player hasn’t right? These latest concerns though give off the belief that his hip will only get worse from here on out, with IT previously playing hurt and pushing through any pain.

IT’S a testament to how tough Thomas is and how badly he wants to win and be successful, which means if he can return to his best then the Cavaliers might be in a better place to challenge the Warriors. A big bargaining chip in the trade was the Nets first rounder, which will help Cleveland have one eye on the future should LeBron James flee this offseason. Even if that happens though a high draft pick coupled with a healthy Thomas and Kevin Love is still a good team in the woeful East. Without Thomas at full strength though the outlook isn’t as optimistic.

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NOW that the trade has been pushed through many believe that Thomas won’t be offered a max contract by the Cavaliers despite the way he has dictated success for Boston over his three-year tenure. It’s clear that Thomas was the biggest loser in all these trade talks as he was perceived as ‘damaged goods’ which not only impact him getting a max contract but could ruin his chances of getting a substantial contract from any team now.

THOMAS has proved time and time again how he bounces back from adversity and he now faces his biggest test. A deep playoff run capped off by a potential championship would definitely alleviate any drama around his hip. Should he get hurt again though and there be more dysfunction in Cleveland, he may face a career defining offseason.

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