Will The Celtics Budge In Their Negotiations With The Cavs?

HOLD on, don’t go buying your Kyrie Irving Celtics jersey just yet. Reports have surfaced in the past few days that since the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled the trigger on trading their All-Star they now have concerns over Isaiah Thomas’ health moving forward. In fact, amid these recent developments, they have asked for Boston to throw in extra compensation to push the deal through. The NBA. Where Amazing Happens.

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The Case For No

IF you’re Boston, why the f*ck would you renounce your initial offer (one that mind you the Cavs accepted) and give up more in a deal for Irving. Sure Kyrie is an elite talent and one of the best scorers and closers in the NBA, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice another asset after originally making a trade. Celtics GM Danny Ainge has gone on record saying Isaiah Thomas’ injury to his hip in the playoffs was one of the reasons they included him in negotiations and the Cavaliers were fully aware of the fact that IT was still rehabbing from the injury. You have to feel for Thomas as these allegations about his injury and health concerns could impact his long term earnings as he prepares for free agency in 2018.

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UNDERSTANDABLY Boston is reluctant to give up any extra picks, even though they own about 863 thanks to deals in the past. The Cavs apparently came out and asked for either Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum to be included in a revised deal. The No. 3 picks from the past two drafts were apparently coveted by Cleveland in previous talks and for good reason, with the young forwards shaping up as considerable talents with promising futures. Sorry Cleveland, it’s not happening.

The Case For Yes

THEN again at the cost of a super protected pick or second rounder to put all this drama to bed, why wouldn’t Danny Ainge just throw one in? If a selection in the second round or late first round pans out to a be a star it is usually viewed as luck over drafting prowess. That luck though could land Cleveland the next Draymond Green, Manu Ginobili or hey even Isaiah Thomas. Draft picks are worth their weight in gold and it could help them swing another deal in the future or allow them to draft young talent to compliment their roster and help them to recreate a version of the dominant Warriors teams that are laying waste to the NBA right now.

AGREEING to a revised deal would come down to how bad the Celtics wanted Kyrie and if they believe they could repair the relationships with Thomas and Crowder should they return to Boston. On the flip side if the deal falls apart, whats stopping the Cavaliers from approaching another team and discussing a new potential deal? Unfortunately for Cleveland the only way I see this panning out is with them inevitably accepting the original offer. Boston could maybe part with an extra late pick to finalise everything, but I just don’t see it happening. Bringing Kyrie back would cause way too much discomfort and more unwanted hysteria at the Cavs as well. Suck it up and take the deal Cleveland.

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