Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Preview

GOT plans on Saturday night (Sunday morning in Aus)? Cancel them. Sports history will be made when Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather meet in the boxing ring with both fighters hoping their fists can match their mouths following months of build up. After trading turns in front of the spotlight clamouring like children eager for their parent’s attention, plenty of outrageous claims have been made by the two brash fighters. Who will end up with egg on their face? In three days time we will have the answer.

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THE sports community remains somewhat divided over the potential outcome of the fight, with some of the belief that Floyd will wipe the canvas with McGregor and other’s throwing their support behind Conor ending Money Mayweather’s quest for a 50-0 resume.

AFTER watching his MMA/UFC career to date, everyone knows that McGregor is no stranger to noise. Making his professional boxing debut, he has been the king of mixed martial arts for the past few years, well and truly earning the label as the 3rd best pound for pound fighter in the UFC (ranked behind Jon Jones and Demetrious Johnson). His fighting style actually suits Conor’s boxing aspirations, as he prefers to stand and strike as opposed to taking his game to the ground. In fact, 18 of his 21 wins in MMA have come via TKO (technical knockout) or KO (knockout) with his boxing prowess widely considered his best skill. While his talents are undeniable it’s likely that McGregor won’t be able to adopt the aggressive demeanour he usually does in his fights. Acting as the instigator in his UFC bouts is fine, but doing so against a guy who is a winner in five different division’s is another thing entirely.

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IN fact charging Mayweather is viewed by many as the worst strategy for Conor, with Floyd universally regarded as the greatest defensive boxer in history. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that Mayweather is all defense though, with his tactical, calculated approach to fighting allowing him to own a 49-0 (26 W’s via knockout) career boxing record at present. Floyd’s fight comes after he announced his retirement in 2015 following a unanimous decision victory over Andre Berto. His boxing success has him tabbed as the greatest fighter ever by some sports fans and it’s hard to argue the fact considering Mayweather has fought in title matches at five weight divisions ranging from 130-154 pounds and never lost. Floyd has demanded more pay-per-view money than any athlete to grace the globe as a result of his dominance and despite his age, there is a strong possibility that he will walk off into the sunset with 50 career wins in the ring.

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FOR all the history and talk surrounding this fight it has the potential to be over in the blink of an eye. Conor’s ruthless and aggressive mentality could see him create a few chances early, but it may also provide Mayweather with an opportunity to floor McGregor with ease. If the fight lasts longer than four-five rounds it will be interesting to see how things pan out. Conor hasn’t fought a 12 round bout before so it could simulate a sprinter (McGregor) squaring off against a marathon runner (Mayweather) in a long distance event. Floyd has been boxing for two decades and his ring experience is clearly a massive reason he remains the odds on favourite to win. If Conor can force a battle though and cause Mayweather to tire early by landing a hit or two then who knows.

BOTH fighters walk away winners after huge paydays and the exposure Dana White and the UFC get from McGregor’s appearance is astronomical. I don’t think that Conor is here to just collect a paycheck though and his ego will keep him upright for longer than he probably should last. I just can’t see a guy with a professional boxing record of 0-0 upsetting Floyd though. Then again strange things happen in combat sports and it’s not likely that McGregor will go down without a fight.


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