Are The New York Jets Really 0-16 Bad?

SINCE 1944 four teams have avoided going an entire season without recording a win. Only one of those teams have gone 0-16, being the 2008 Detroit Lions. Ironically the Lions went 4-0 in the preseason before losing 16 straight regular season games (with only four of them within a single score margin). Last season the 1-15 Browns threatened to repeat that unwanted winless season but avoided catastrophe. The 2017 New York Jets aren’t expected to be as lucky.

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AS is the way with most teams your level of success can be measured purely by looking at who is under center. Unfortunately for the Jets if that’s the case then they are well and truly f*cked. The Christian Hackenberg vs. Bryce Petty vs. Josh McCowan battle for starting quarterback isn’t exactly one that instils a lot of confidence in fans ambitions for this Jets team. The trio has combined to throw nearly as many interceptions as they have games played (76-88) and with virtually no targets to catch passes on New York’s roster that gap could continue to get smaller this year.

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IT might sound harsh to say that the Jets have no pass catchers, but after news broke that Quincy Enuwa is out for the year that’s exactly the predicament the Jets now find themselves in. With no NFL-calibre receivers on the list now, the offense will struggle to put points on the board. In 2016 New York scored the third fewest points (275) and they have now lost their two best receivers as well as two starters from their O-line. Bilal Powell and Matt Forte may be their top two players which would be great, if they didn’t play the same position. Forte carried the ball 87 more times than Powell last season and only managed 91 more yards with Powell destined to garner more carries this year. In fact, Powell’s 5.5 yards per rushing attempt was the second best average in the league last year and he may be able to help the offense achieve something that resembles an NFL team.

THERE are two sides to the ball in every game of football though and the biggest reason many believe the Jets won’t go infamously bad is because of their defense. In their first preseason game against the Titans, New York looked beastly chalking up eight sacks and 10 total tackles for loss while holding Tennessee to a single field goal. While they didn’t look as impressive in week two against Detroit, there is definitely some hope that their defense can help counteract their woeful offense. Getting sacks and forcing turnovers can help give a team confidence and if their opponents feel suffocated and that leads to low scoring games it suits the Jets just fine.

LOOKING ahead at their schedule games at the Bills (Week 1) and Browns (Week 5) as well as hosting Buffalo again (Week 9), the Jaguars (Week 4) and the Chargers (Week 16) are the five games most likely to result in a Jets W. They could very well record a win against Buffalo in week one and all of a sudden this argument is dead in the water. Other matchups from teams in the loaded AFC West and NFC South as well as the reigning SuperBowl champs will see the Jets come up short eight times, but paying the Saints a visit on the 17th of December remains an outside chance to taste triumph.

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PERSONALLY, the only way I see the Jets getting a win in season 2017 is if they can stifle a teams offense and somehow Bilal Powell chalks up 200+ yards from scrimmage. The most likely team to be on the receiving end of that is the Patriots. OK jokes. Their other division rival Bills may be the team to concede a victory though, with questions surrounding Tyrod Taylor’s ability to be a competent QB in the big leagues still up in the air. I still think that New York is that bad though they won’t taste success next season at all. Brace yourselves Jets fans, it’s going to be bleak.

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