What Does The Derrick Rose Signing Mean For The Cavaliers?

SEVEN years is a long time in basketball. Back in the offseason of 2010 LeBron James was the belle of the ball, with teams making their best pitch for the star forward to join their organisation. While the Bulls were on James’ list of teams to meet, their star player Derrick Rose didn’t want any part of the recruiting process. Begrudgingly though, Rose sent the then 2x MVP a text, but it fell on deaf ears. The rest is history. James joined the Heat and won two titles, before returning home to win a third while Rose battled injury before playing a sole season for the Knicks last year. Now they have joined forces. There’s no doubt that if healthy, Rose can still contribute in the right place and Cavs fans are hoping that that right place is in Cleaveland.

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UPON meeting with the Cavaliers originally I’m sure Rose didn’t think he would be signing during these hectic, tumultuous, dramatic times. While the Cavs organisation continues to go through their roller coasterĀ offseason, signing Rose has been a topic that has been one of huge debate. Rose initially met with the teamĀ before any of these Kyrie Irving trade requests and the noise surrounding it entered the discussion. Meaning regardless of whether Irving was on the roster or not, the front office wanted Rose on the roster.

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IT doesn’t make much sense for the Cavs to chase Derrick Rose, not only because of his injuries in the past and the fact that their second best player plays the same position but because the team has bigger needs at other positions. They have a need for big men who can contribute on the defensive end, and athletic two-way wings, who can slow down Durant, Curry and Thompson. Thinking about the Warriors and how they matchup should be at the forefront of Cleveland’s minds, every time they consider a roster adjustment. Because let’s be honest any LeBron James led team (with or without Kyrie Irving) is still the team to beat in the East and the Cavs need to prepare themselves to square the ledger with their West counterparts at 2-2.

STILL,Ā I don’tĀ hate this signing by Cleveland. Acquiring Rose gives them the best back up point guard they have had over the past three/four years. Yes, I love Delly too, but if Rose can be back at his attacking best he trumps the former Cavs hands down. Cleveland has seen first hand what kind of damage a healthy Derrick Rose can doĀ and playing in 5/10 minute bursts off the bench, rather than having to carry a team, could be the best thing for Rose.

THIS signing comes at one of the weirdest times for the Cavs team as they regroup for a potential Warriors vs. Cavs Finals for the fourth straight year. There’s no doubt (minus KD of course) Golden State have used draft picks wisely and recruited vets to support their stars over the past three/four years, while the Cleveland have been buyers at the deadline every year of older, seasoned heads who they plan to plug and fix their solutions (Frye, Williams, Bogut, Smith Korver, Mozgov, the list goes on). Once again going in on the Derrick Rose sweepstakes the Cavaliers are hoping that this move is one that continues to separate them from the rest of the East and bridge the distance between them and the Dubs.

IN a few months we could be talking about Rose & James becoming best buds on the floor as they steer the Cavaliers to a second championship. I can guarantee that thought wouldn’t have crossed Rose or James’ thoughts back in 2010 when they had a conversation via text. Then again, things change quickly in the NBA.

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