Landing Spots For Zlatan Ibrahimovic

SOMEWHAT surprisingly Manchester United opted to release the veteran, despite early indications that they would keep him. The 35-year-old Swedish striker played just 46 games for United before a serious knee injury sidelined him for the rest of the season, and will see him miss the first few months of next season. Now that he’s hunting a new time, and as long as Zlatan doesn’t retire, which team could he sign with?

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ZLATAN isn’t the long term answer for Arsenal, but he could definitely provide an option as a useful stop-gap as the search for the next big thing up forward continues. He has proved he knows his way around Premier League defenses and joining a team with the nickname ‘The Gunners’ is a perfect match for the Swedish super boot.

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WITH the MLS 2018 season commencing in late April to early May, this makes the most logical sense. Zlatan’s injury wouldn’t cause him to miss too much time away from the game. The popularity of the league is growing annually and owners would be lining up to potentially bring Zlatan to their squad. There aren’t many other names of his stature available that could put bums on seats for the major American league.

Back With United

HEAR me out. Just because the team released him doesn’t mean that Ibrahimovic can’t make his way back onto their list. With his injury sidelining him for a few months still, and Man U previously stating they planned on keeping him, negotiating a new deal for fewer dollars isn’t that far-fetched.

Bayern Munich

THERE is absolutely no need for Ibrahimovic to join Bayern Munich. Robert Lewandowski is still finding the back of the net with regularity, but after winning trophies in Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain and most recently England it can’t hurt to add more trophies to his legacy right?

Chinese Super League

THROUGHOUT his entire career winning and money have been at the forefront of Zlatan’s mind. With plenty of wins under his belt, becoming one of the most decorated players of his generation, his last big pay check could come from the CSL. The likes of Gervinho, Didier Drogba and Carlos Tevez have all made their way to China’s prestige competition. With big $$$ on offer Ibrahimovic could join the list of past stars to join the league.

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