Newsflash, John Wall Has Arrived

I was VERY interested in the outcome of the Celtics and Wizards Game 7 last night. Mainly as a Cavs fan because I wanted to know which squad we would be steamrolling in the East Finals, but also to see if the Wizards could be the first team to win a game on the road in that series. After 48 minutes of basketball and a forgetful performance form their superstar John Wall the Wizards season was over. The funny thing is that even after going 2-13 from the field in the second half, Wall’s dismal finish to the season can’t scar his breakout playoff performance.

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WALL’S talents were undeniable before 2017 with the four time All Star establishing himself as a dominant point guard in the NBA. His career year of nearly 23 and 11 a night was by far his best and legitimately welcomed him into the conversation of ‘best point guard in the league’. No really. His 10.7 assists were 2nd only to James Harden and he averaged more points a night than Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry.

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IT should come as no surprise that Wall elevated his play yet again in the playoffs putting up 27 points throughout his 13 playoff games. He single handedly put the Wizards on his back in certain games this postseason and carried a huge workload. Part of that is due to the woeful bench in Washington, which they HAVE to address in the offseason to take the next step. Even though the lack of depth let them down, Wall had them within 10 points of earning a berth against the Cavs in the East Finals. There aren’t many players in the league that could have dragged this supporting cast into such a position. Not only has Wall stepped up his game, he has advanced as a leader and is now clearly the franchise player on a team that can very well challenge for the title of top team in the East.

THERE was once a time where John Wall was left alone on the perimeter when shooting a three and now he is canning shots like the one above. By no means is he a knock down shooter now still hovering in the low 30’s. Make no mistake though this John Wall is a different beast now. His career averages still don’t reflect the type of complete playmaker he has become. Literally a blur when he has the ball Wall now garners a teams entire defensive attention in his hands, allowing him to create shots for his teammates at will or burst to the cup and finish with ease. Even though the 2nd half of Game 7 wasn’t his finest moment it will drive him in the off-season to get better every single day, which is a nightmare prospect for NBA defenders. Don’t act surprised though John Wall has arrived, and I don’t know if anyone is ready.

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