Popovich Does It Again

IT takes a big man to admit when they are wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong about the San Antonio Spurs and their chances against the Houston Rockets. I was wrong about them when the series begun, when they went down 2-1 and as they entered Game 6 without their superstar Kawhi Leonard. I can take solace in knowing I wasn’t alone.

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FOR whatever reason it’s the trendy choice to count the San Antonio Spurs out as a championship calibre team. They are too old, too young, too slow, lack star power, lack depth, lack scorers, lack youth, can’t maintain this form. Whatever the excuse we throw at the Gregg Popovich led team they continue to prove us wrong. Their latest conquest? With their best player missing Game 6 with injury in Kawhi Leonard a Rockets win at home seemed like a formality. If you haven’t caught on by yet, I’m wrong a lot of the time.

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INSTEAD of forcing a Game 7, Houston has their worst performance of the season as the Spurs role players executed their balanced, unselfish offense perfectly. LaMarcus Aldridge finally stepped up and looked like the difference maker he could potentially be. And all of it was orchestrated by coaching guru Gregg Popovich, who once again was stone faced and business like from tip off to the final buzzer. While Mike D’Antonio tore his hair out looking for solutions to combat the Spurs, Pop maintained his stoic demeanour, letting out a wry smirk as he knew the Rockets fate was sealed.

BY no means does this mean they are in great shape to knock off the Warriors. They have injury issues with Parker sidelined for the playoffs and Leonard’s ankle injury far from healthy, but they have breathed some fresh air into the stale West playoff battle that the Warriors have dominated. Although after eliminating the Rockets Popovich has now beaten every Western Conference team in a playoff series, something no one else has accomplished and while everyone expects him and the Spurs to struggle against the Dubs. let me remind you, we’ve been wrong before.

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