Why Are The NBA Playoffs So God Damn Boring?

AS I tuned into the NBA Playoffs so far this year I constantly found¬†myself distracted by other things. Washing dishes, paying bills, watching paint dry. You know exciting stuff. Because I can tell you, the 2017 playoffs do not fit into that exciting bracket. So why are the NBA playoffs so boring this year?* Well…

* DISCLAIMER:¬†Of course the Spurs and Rockets would debunk my article by playing one of the best postseason games of the year in Game 5. My argument still stand though alright? Good.¬†Let’s move on.

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There Have Been No ‘Moments’
I’LL give an exception to Isaiah’s 53 and Gasol’s game winner, but considering we have seen around 60¬†games of playoff basketball, we haven’t had many great stories to share. There have¬†only been two¬†overtime games in the entire playoffs so far, with some teams trading blowout wins. Actually…

Blowout Wins
…34 (more than half) of the games so far have been decided by double digit margins. One of my favourite series of all time¬†was Boston vs Chicago in 2009, with four of the seven games going to OT including a double AND triple OT game. This playoffs doesn’t have anywhere near the same level of intensity or dramatic end of game scenarios, which is severly impacting the level of quality.

Lack Of Drama
SO far the dull lack of ‘fight’ and rivalry between players and teams hasn’t helped the postseason shake the dry moniker. Draymond is gonna Draymond so whatever sh*t he spits¬†doesn’t count. Heading into the Celtics-Wizards series I was expecting a trash talking highlight show. Instead (barring a Kelly Oubre shove) there has been little confrontation between the two sides. I understand that most of the guys in the league are friends or former teammates, but the playoff¬†trash talking and toughness so far is non existent.

Hyped Match-Ups Failed To Deliver
THUNDER vs Rockets was a failure. Celtics vs Bulls was fun until Rondo went down. Clipper vs Jazz went to seven games, but the finale was a non event. Bucks vs Raptors gave us a few Giannis highlights, but never really captured the public eye. Got the picture yet?

Golden State vs Cleveland Cavaliers III
THE biggest reason these playoffs have been so monotonous is because of the Dubs and the Cavs. The powerhouse of the Western and Eastern Conferences have breezed through rounds one and two without a blemish on their record. A meeting in the Finals for the third straight years between the same teams is 99.9% likely, it has been since the end of last year’s postseason.

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IT would be nice if we could get a few memories and upset victories along the way before we reach the pre-determined finale. The rest of round two and the Conference Finals may provide just that, but at this stage you can turn your League Pass subscription off until the Finals begin June 1st.

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