The BIG3 Rosters Are Locked And Loaded

AS we get edge closer to the June 25th B1G 3 debut the eight team rosters are now finalised and ready to go. Each team participated in the inaugural draft in Las Vegas on Sunday night to fill out the remaining spots on their respective squads. With fan favourites and past cult heroes taking to the court here’s how the draft played out and how each team looks heading into the 10 week comp.

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Trilogy – Rashad McCants (1st), James White (16th), Dion Glover (19th)

3’s Company – Andre Owens (2nd), Mike Sweetney (15th), Ruben Patterson (21st)

Killer 3s – Reggie Evans (3rd), Larry Hughes (14th), Brian Cook (24th)

Tri-State – Xavier Silas (4th), Lee Nailon (13th), Mike James (23rd)

3 Headed Monsters – Kwame Brown (5th), Eddie Basden (12th), Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Power – Jerome Williams (6th), DeShawn Stevenson (11th), Moochie Norris (20th)

Ball Hogs – Derrick Byars (7th), Rasual Butler (10th), Dominic McGuire (18th)

Ghost Ballers –  Maurice Evans (8th), Marcus Banks (9th), Ivan Johnson (22nd)

TRILOGY made Rashad McCants the 1st pick of the draft that saw other past NBA players including Rasual Butler, Mike James, Larry Hughes and DeShawn Stevenson among the players to make a teams roster. After the draft each team now has five players on each roster with a captain and co-captain. Some massive names have emerged as coaches for the squads with the likes of Allen Iverson, George Gervin and Clyde Drexler among those big names. The likes of Earl Boykins, Joe Smith, Al Thornton, Smush Parker, Steve Francis, Kendall Gill, Kareem Rush and D.J. Mbenga were the notable names who failed to get drafted.


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It’s tough to pick out specific teams that we think will do well in the upcoming comp, due to the fact that we are unsure how far they have dropped off in semi-retirement and what kind of shape they are still in. Just starring at the teams from a personnel standpoint I really like the looks of the Killer 3s. Maybe I’m a little bias because I love a lot of the guys on the team, but they seem to have the players that would play well in a 3-on-3 format as well as a tenacious rebounder in Reggie Evans. Watching Jason Williams (3 Headed Monsters) and Allen Iverson (3’s Company) highlights will give fans a fair shot of nostalgia and expect Stevenson, Hughes, Lewis and a few others to jack up shots from the new 4-point line regularly. One certainty is that hoop junkies will relish an opportunity to watch their past favourites tear up the court once again during a what can be a dull NBA-less period of time.

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