Winners And Losers From Day 1 Of The 2017 NFL Draft

DAY one is done and dusted from Philly. Can anyone tell me what the hell just happened? Trades galore saw players and teams flying all over the place as us fans struggled to keep up. As the dust settled there were some clear winners and losers from Day 1, so who falls into which category?

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New Orleans Saints
NABBING the best cornerback on the board with No. 11 was a steal for the Saints. Many experts believed that Marshon Lattimore would have gone in the first half a dozen picks, so the Saints were happy to take him. They then scooped up the best player left on the board with their 2nd pick in No. 32 taking Ryan Ramcyzk.

ALL three QB’s that were rumoured to be taken in Round 1 flew to the top of the pecking order on draft night. The Bears, the Texans and the Chiefs all traded up to take the franchises signal callers of the future in Trubisky, Mahomes and Watson respectively all within the first 12 picks.

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Cleveland Browns
EARLY in the draft had the Browns pencilled in as a loser after they missed out on taking Mitch Trubisky. However, once they took Myles Garrett 1st overall they managing to swipe Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku after workshopping deals later in the 1st round. Both Peppers and Njoku are extremely talented pieces who can fast forward the Browns rebuild.

Corey Davis
NO one expected Davis to be taken with the pick No. 5 in the draft on Thursday night. Davis’ versatility helped him skyrocket to the top of the list of wide out taken inside the 1st round. Tennessee also addressed a glaring need in giving Mariota another pass catcher.

San Francisco 49ers
AFTER trading back one spot from 2nd to 3rd overall the 49ers were able to draft the player they probably would have selected at number two anyway. They then also used the 4th round pick they got from the Bears to move up back into the 1st round and draft explosive linebacker Rueben Foster at No. 31.

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Offensive Linemen
I had Forrest Lamp tabbed to go 22nd to Miami in my final mock draft and Cam Robinson to go to Seattle at No. 26. Ryan Ramcyzk also had to wait until the past pick of the of the day to here his name called. We knew the O-lineman depth was thin in this draft, but it was still surprising to see Lamp and Robinson fall into Day 2.

Dalvin Cook
IF a few weeks ago you had have told me Dalvin Cook would go undrafted on Day 1, I would have been shocked. He was tabbed to fall somewhere between picks 10-25 for most of the pre-draft, but will have to settle for having his name called on Day 2.

O.J. Howard
I seriously rated O.J. Howard, so much so that seeing him drafted in the top 10 was a formality in my eyes. Instead the Alabama tight end slid down to the Bucs who took the supreme talent at No. 19. A steal for Tampa Bay, but less than ideal for Howard to have to wait so long for his name to be called.

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Everyone’s Mock Draft
THE Bears drafting Mitchell Trubisky 2nd overall was a move that literally NO ONE saw coming. Chicago wasn’t the only team to trade up and take a QB. It’s fair to say that after Deshaun Watson went at No. 12 everyone was putting their ‘mock draft’ through the office shredder.

Chicago Bears
GIVING up a package of two 3rd rounders and a 4th rounder to move up one spot and guarantee taking Trubisky wasn’t exactly the smartest move the Bears front office has mades. Especially after the payed Mike Glennon $45 million over three years.

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