Sorry Pacers Fans, Paul George Is Purple And Gold Bound

FOLLOWING A first round sweep courtesy of the Cavs and Lebron, Indiana is in a weird place going forward. They have an All Star potential level center in Myles Turner and are littered with solid role players, but the real question for their future revolves around Paul George. The four time All Star and California native has been linked to moving home and playing for the Lakers for as long as we can remember. Bad news for Pacers fans a move is inevitable. Here’s why.

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IF Indiana wanted to keep Paul George they really needed to show a bit of spine against the Cavs in this series. They did so far half of Game 3, but then in the 2nd half turned to sh*t allowing the Cavs to record a memorable win. Instead of putting up a fight against the best team in the East, they faltered and the series became an argument over who was taking the last shot and Paul George whinging over his teammates.

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RESIDING an hour north of Staples for all of his childhood, Paul George has been strongly linked to returning home for years. George also spent his college years at nearby Fresno State for two seasons as well. AS we have seen with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard recently returning to your home state or team is a huge factor when it comes to decision making.


THE Lakers have plenty of pieces to facilitate a trade for Indiana. One of their young core of Brandon Ingram, Jordan Clarkson, Julie Randle and D’Angelo Russell could easily be sacrificed to bring George home. The big trade asset that most potential deals hinge on is the Lakers 1st round pick this year. They finished with the 3rd worst record in the league, however if their pick falls out of the bottom three then it goes to the 76ers. Any deal involving that coveted pick could easily sweeten the deal for Indiana.

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Why Not The Clippers?

ALL this talk of Paul George returning to LA is totally understandable. So why is George rumoured to go the the Lakers and not the Clippers? Besides, he grew up a Clippers fan and they are probably in a position to win a championship before the Lakers. If they freed up some salary cap room (sorry Blake Griffin) and managed to swing a deal for George things could get very, VERY interesting.

AT the end of the day, George’s long term commitment to Indiana has always been in doubt and secretive to a sense. After rumours emerged that George has told past teammates that he wants to don the purple and gold in 2017/18. If a deal can be swung, which is highly likely considering the assets the Lakers have, expect the trade to go down at some point of the off-season.

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