Best Landing Spots For Adrian Peterson

IF you are Adrian Peterson you’re stressing. As the NFL draft draws closer the 2012 MVP still doesn’t have a new home for 2017, and you can guarantee that once the draft is done teams with running back needs are going to fill that quota. Peterson will need to accept the fact that he probably isn’t going to get the salary he wants anymore and that taking a pay cut will increase his chances of being signed. Regardless here are some potential teams who could use his services.

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New York Giants

THE Giants glaring need for a running back could be the perfect fit for Peterson. The talent on the rest of their roster is obvious and a team that was 29th in the league could very well use a talented back. The question will be whether Peterson can stay healthy, if not they may opt for a younger option.

New England Patriots

A meeting with the Pats on Monday could very well see Adrian Peterson signed. While he is by no means still his dominant self that saw him win an MVP award, Peterson could be utilised in certain scenarios to great success. With many of the backs on the roster already great receiving options, Peterson could slot nicely into a role with the Patriots.

Minnesota Vikings

PETERSON and the Vikings re-uniting is still an actual possibility. In order for him to remain with Minnesota he would need to take a restructured deal and buy into the teams game plan, which includes a lot of shotgun offensive sets.

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Dallas Cowboys

LAST season we all witnessed the beast that was Ezekiel Elliott in Dallas, but it’s fair to say he can’t continue to carry such a heavy workload in year two if they want him to be around for the long haul. Having Peterson as a back-up option that could help take some of the offensive load would be a luxury for the Cowboys.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

RUNNING back is a position of need for the Bucs, and Peterson would be a great fit. It is worth noting that Tampa Bay isn’t on his listed of favoured teams he’d like to sign with, but as his options dry up any contract seems like a good contract.

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