LAST week I went on the record saying that South Carolina was going to upset Duke when they met in the NCAA Tournament. As much as I will claim that until the day I die, South Carolina square off against Florida today for a spot in the Final Four. That’s not a typo. That game plus a Kentucky/North Carolina clash will decide the rest of the Final Four field, coupled with 10 games of NBA action. The better games on Sunday start in the afternoon, so be sure to switch on early.

Last Week: 10-6

Overall: 113-67

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Phoenix Suns @ Charlotte Hornets
EYES will be glued to the screen to see how Devin Booker follows up his 70 point outburst against Boston. I think the Hornets will take care of business in their building regardless of Booker’s output.
Verdict: Hornets W

Brooklyn Nets @ Atlanta Hawks
HOW do you stop a six game losing streak? A date with the Nets will definitely help.
Verdict: Hawks W

Sacramento Kings @ Los Angeles Clippers
LOS Angeles clinched a playoff spot with a win over Utah last night, who may be their date in the 1st round of the playoffs. As they try to secure home court advantage the Kings will have a tough task trying to stop them
Verdict: Clippers W

Chicago Bulls @ Milwaukee Bucks
CHICAGO sits just one and a half games out of the last playoff spot in the East, and the Bucks are slowly rising up the seeds. This game should be entertaining and I’m banking on the Bulls to grind out a much needed W.
Verdict: Bulls W

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Houston Rockets
MVP candidates 1A and 1B go head to head for the final time this season in Houston. Westbrook will probably get triple double number 36 for the year, but more importantly Harden will probably get win number 51.
Verdict: Rockets W

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Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics
IF Boston win they move into a tie for the #1 seed in the East with Cavs. Lebron James and co should be afraid, very afraid.
Verdict: Celtics W

Philadelphia 76ers @ Indiana Pacers
ANOTHER Eastern conference team that needs a win to keep the momentum rolling into the playoffs. No not Philly, but if Indiana doesn’t get into gear Dario Saric and his boys will stomp the Pacers.
Verdict: 76ers W

Memphis Grizzlies @ Golden State Warriors
THE Dubs look very Golden State-ish again after reeling off a six game W streak. I’m banking on the Grizzlies halting their momentum, but only briefly.
Verdict: Grizzlies W

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New Orleans Pelicans @ Denver Nuggets
NIKOLA Jokic has Denver fans dizzy with his no-look pass highlights. He faces the intimidating twin towers of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins on Sunday, making this contest much watch basketball. Unfortunately for the Nugs their playoff hopes will take a hit with an L…..
Verdict: Pelicans W

Portland Trailblazers @ Los Angeles Lakers
…..AND Portland will make some ground on them. Right now Portland are a game behind Denver for the final playoff spot. After Sunday they will both be tied with a 35-38 record. Buckle up, the final nine games are going to be fun.
Verdict: Trailblazers W

NCAA Tournament

#7 South Carolina Gamecocks vs. #4 Florida Gators
EVERY fibre in my body wants South Carolina to win. It could really go either way, but I’m all aboard the Gamecock Final Four bandwagon. I may be delusional, but maybe my tip will help alter the outcome in their favour.
Verdict: Gamecocks W

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#1 North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Kentucky Wildcats
I picked Kentucky over Gonzaga for my National Championship Game. It would just be flat out silly to not stick with my prediction with the Bulldogs already Final Four bound.
Verdict: Wildcats W