SUPERBOWL 51 was the highlight from the last week in sport. We all saw Tom Brady and the Patriots improbable comeback to force the first ever Superbowl overtime and perhaps become the greatest football game ever played. Plenty happened in the world of NBA and college basketball as well. So what did we learn?

WE learned that the Eastern Conference playoff picture could go down to the wire. There are currently three teams (Boston, Miami and Indiana) riding at least seven game winning streaks, with teams like Charlotte and Milwaukee capable of stealing a playoff spot too. Stay tuned.

WE learned that Lonzo Ball has a case as the #1 pick. He clashed with the consensus number one option, Markelle Fultz in Washington this week and outshone his fellow freshman. Fultz definitely had flashes where he displayed his incredible talent, but Ball boosted his stock with a stellar showing.

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WE learned that Kyle Shanahan is human. The prodigal son was being praised as the next great head coach hiring, after leading the Atlanta Falcons dominant offense to the Superbowl. However, on the biggest stage, in the biggest moment some questionable play calling and poor clock management gave the Patriots a chance to tie the game, which of course they did.

WE learned that Philadelphia may finally be pulling the trigger on a trade. There are reports that they are in advanced talks with the New Orleans Pelicans to swap 2nd year big man Jahlil Okafor, for a future first and back up center Alexis Ajinca. Who wins this scenario?

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WE learned that there is still no clear ‘best team’ in college basketball. Six of the top ten ranked teams suffered a defeat over the weekend, and with all due respect to #1 Gonzaga and their 24-0 record, they haven’t played anyone of relevance since Arizona on Dec 4th last year. With March Madness just around the corner, things are shaping up to be very, VERY interesting come tourney time.

AND finally we learned that it’s not over until it’s over. As mentioned last week when Federer and Serena pulled off Australian Open victories, champions always find a way to win when it seems impossible. Kudos Tom Brady, you are from another planet.