Best ‘Playmaker’ Options For The Cleveland Cavaliers

AFTER Cleveland’s OT loss to the Sacramento Kings at home today, the panic button is close to being pushed. LeBron James has publicly said that the team lacks another playmaker, and their 2-6 record in their past eight games supports his statement. They have looked like anything but the defending champs, so who can they rope in or pull off the scrap heap to fix their issues?


Norris Cole

A former championship teammate of Lebron’s, Norris Cole has struggled to stay in the league in recent times. The score first guard averaged a career high in PPG (10.6) last year with the New Orleans Pelicans last season but wasn’t resigned by the team. He could add some solid scoring off the bench while running the offense at a capable level if one or both of Lebron/Kyrie aren’t on the floor.

Jarrett Jack

JARRETT Jack is probably the best option for a true ‘point guard’ to come off the bench for the Cavs. He was averaging 7.4 assists with Brooklyn last year before injuring his ACL, ending his season prematurely. He is a solid offensive option, but his age/injury history could scare them off.

Nate Robinson

GIVE Nate Robinson credit, he is doing his best to get picked up by Cleveland. The 5’9 three time dunk champ has been hitting up Lebron over Instagram, posting workout videos and trying his hardest to be recognised. Robinson has spent over a decade in the league and most recently suited up for Hapoel Tel Aviv in Israel. He could definitely provide Cleveland with a spark plug off the bench adding a few baskets. 

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Mario Chalmers

THERE have been rumours circulating about Chalmers joining the team since the beginning of the season. Another former championship teammate of Lebron’s, Chalmers last appeared for the Memphis Grizzlies, performing pretty admirably. Much like Jarrett Jack an injury led to him being delisted and his health is still somewhat of a concern.


Jameer Nelson, Denver Nuggets 

THE Denver Nuggets could benefit from shedding Nelson from their team, freeing up minutes for their younger guys to develop. Jameer Nelson is a handy playmaker able to score or set up his teammates. The all-time assist leader for the Orlando Magic would slot nicely into the Cleveland line-up and his salary means a deal wouldn’t be too hard to workshop.

Deron Williams, Dallas Mavericks

OBVIOUSLY Deron Williams is the best player in this discussion and the Cavaliers would jump at the chance to get him. However, if Williams was to leave Dallas things could get complicated. The Dallas native is still contracted on a $10 million deal this year, so unless someone substantial was added by Cleveland to match salaries a buyout would be the only way to get D-Will to Ohio.

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Rajon Rondo, Chicago Bulls

WHILE this remains highly unlikely, Rajon Rondo could potentially help the Cavs if a trade is manufactured. The team is full of spot up shooters who could thrive on the end of some Rondo passes, but it is well documented the Rondo doesn’t really want a role off the bench at this stage of his career.


IN a perfect world, Deron Williams would agree to a buyout and sign with Cleveland for the vet minimum, but that seems unlikely. Of all the free agents available Robinson and Cole seem the highest up the pecking order. I would lean slightly to choosing Cole over Robinson due to Cole possessing a better ability to set up his teammates and run an offense.

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