MERRY Christmas sports fans! I hope you are all ready this with a belly full of food perched on the couch enjoying the awesome selection of games Christmas weekend has to offer. An exciting time of year for sports fans has both NBA and NFL games on the menu, which I will dissect so you know what to expect come game time. Let’s dive right in.

Last Week: 6-6

Overall: 32-15

Boston Celtics @ New York Knicks
SLOWLY but surely the Celtics are regaining momentum that had them pegged as a Eastern Conference powerhouse in the off season. Christmas day at MSG won’t be pleasurable for them though with the Melo/Porzingis duo propelling them to victory
Verdict: Knicks W

Golden State Warriors @ Cleveland Cavaliers
I am so disapointed that J.R. Smith isn’t going to healthy for this game. Couple his absence with Kevin Love’s injury niggles and this means that the Cavs aren’t likely to be at full strength. Which is a shame because if they had those two we could have been in for an absolute classic, but now expect the Dubs to drop the hammer.
Verdict: Warriors W

Chicago Bulls @ San Antonio Spurs
THE Chicago Bulls will look to try and regain some momentum after struggling in the month of December. Unfortunately they won’t find any reprieve in San Antonio.
Verdict: Spurs W

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Oklahoma City Thunder
WESTBROOK could score 100 in this game. Anything is possible. Two of the more highlight friendly teams in the league will probably provide the majority of SportCenter’s Top 10 plays. If you watch one game on Christmas watch this one.
Verdict: Timberwolves W

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Los Angles Clippers @ Los Angeles Lakers
BATTLE Los Angeles is the final game on the NBA schedule and if we can guarantee one thing it’s that we have no idea what Lakers team will show up/
Verdict: Clippers W

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers
MY god I am so tempted to pick the Baltimore Ravens as winners in this contest, but I just can’t do it. The Steelers have slowly built into the workhorse we are no presented with and while their inconsistencies still plague them in any winner-take-all one game playoff they remain one of (if not the most) dangerous teams in the entire league.
Verdict: Steelers W

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs
UNFORTUNATELY the Denver Broncos didn’t do enough with their early favourable fixtures to shore up a playoff spot and the last three weeks of the season are going to hurt them. The loss to the Patriots last weekend slotted with a game @ Kansas City and vs. Oakland will leave them 0-3 and sitting outside the playoff bubble looking in. The Chiefs are still gunnin’ for a first week bye an have to win this game if there is even a slight chance of that coming through.
Verdict: Chiefs W