THERE is always so much happening on a weekly basis in the sports stratosphere. It’s tough to keep up with all the proceedings from all your favourite leagues, so I’ve done the work for you. The new weekly feature what we learned last week (WWLLW) recaps the biggest stories from the past seven days. So what did we learn?

WE learned that you can never, EVER count out a legend in a final. Roger Federer and Serena Williams are perhaps the greatest male and female respectively to pick up a tennis racket, adding to their insane resumes with Grand Slam #23 and #18 each. Serena is now one away from tying Margaret Court for the most by a woman, while Federer increased his advantage over Nadal and Pete Sampras who each have 14.

WE learned that everyone is a football expert come Superbowl time. If I see another preview, analysis, stat sheet, advanced metrics sheet my head is going to explode. Everyone also seems to have the perfect strategy to stop Julio Jones of the Falcons, which will seemingly be Belichick’s toughest task. All that being said stay tuned to see my preview released later in the week 😉

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WE learned that Cleveland needs to recapture the vibe. At the time of writing this the Cavs are apparently holding trials to find their final ‘playmaker’ to add to the roster. Kirk Hinirch, Lance Stephenson and Mario Chalmers have all been given the chance to help Cleveland recapture their vibe, after going 7-8 in the month of January.

WE learned the Miami Heat aren’t ready to tank yet. If you guessed that the longest win streak in the NBA at the moment was eight games; congrats! If you guessed that the team responsible for that streak was the Miami Heat…..well you would be lying. The now 19-30 Heat are riding this Dion Waiters hot streak (pun intended) as far as it takes them.

WE learned that Kansas are the real deal. After a week of turmoil where we weren’t sure if there are actually any good college basketball teams Kansas rose to the challenge of beating a talented Kentucky team in their own building. They are by no means perfect, slumping to a loss on the road against West Virginia, but led by Josh Jackson and frank Mason III, the Jayhawks might be the closest thing to a complete team at the moment.