MY positive thinking last weekend didn’t pay as I dropped two thirds of my picks. Fingers crossed a lean amount of games will translate to more success this Sunday for me.

Last Week: 3-6

Overall: 57-39


Golden State Warriors @ Orlando Magic
DO I really need to tell you why the Dubs will win this game? League pass subscribers be sure to tune in. This could be a highlight factory.
Verdict: Warriors W

Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks
D’ANGELO Russell will miss this contest due to a number of injury issues, but the Mavericks now all about injury woes. J.J. Barea is injured AGAIN with calf problems that have forced him to miss the majority of the season so far. Dallas still has the able bodies to drag themselves to a victory.
Verdict: Mavericks W

Phoenix Suns @ Toronto Raptors
PHOENIX are on a high after pulling out a close victory in New York, but they won’t have time to celebrate. The Raptors will enter this contest looking to atone for their poor performances the last two times on the floor. Things could get ugly.
Verdict: Raptors W

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Denver Nuggets @ Minnesota Timberwolves
LED by their two promising young big men the Nuggets and Timberwolves continue to battle for consistency. The T-Wolves were able to beat the Rockets and lose to the Mavericks over the past 10 days, while the Nugs dropped 140 on the Pacers in London, before looking second rate to the Spurs. This one is going to be tight.
Verdict: Nuggets W


Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons
IS there an athlete in the world right now in better form than Aaron Rodgers? The Packers legend continued his playoff heroics with an epic game winning performance against the Cowboys and his reward is a trip to the Georgia Dome with a SuperBowl spot on the line. The scoreboard may explode in this match with the high powered offenses clearly the feature of the marquee matchup. You can’t not pick Aaron Rodgers to get the W considering the way he is playing though.
Verdict: Packers W

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Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots
LAST weekend both these teams clawed their way to victory in a less than impressive way. The Steelers failed to score a touchdown, while Tom Brady and the Pats kept Houston in the game for far too long thanks to their average play. The Patriots get the nod because of home field advantage, but this game is right up for grabs.
Verdict: Patriots W