AS another Sunday rolls around I’ll bring you the picks from the best sporting action on offer. Week 13 in the NFL looks like the best of the season on paper, with division races and playoff implications in most if not every game! Let’s dive right in.

Last Week: 10-2

Overall: 10-2

Kansas City Chiefs @ Atlanta Falcons

THE Kansas City defense foiled the Broncos last weekend, but they face a much tougher task in Atlanta on Sunday. Matty Ice and co. have been dominant offensively to date with the Falcons QB having an MVP type of year. I have a hunch that the Chiefs are going to be a dangerous team come playoff time, but I’m giving Atlanta the edge based on having home field advantage.
Verdict: Falcons W

Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints
IF you had have told me a matchup between the Lions and Saints was going to be exciting this season I would have laughed at you, but this could honestly be the pick of the bunch for best game on Sunday. The Lions look to increase their lead in the NFC North while the Saints need to win to stay in touch with the Falcons. Matt Stafford continues to pull 4th quarter comebacks out of his ass and you can lock in another one this weekend in NOLA.
Verdict: Lions W

Los Angeles Rams @ New England Patriots
EVEN without superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski the Patriots have shown they can win in with ease, however having him as a bail out option offensively was nice. This won’t be an issue as the Pats host Jared Goff and the LA Rabble and will take care of business.
Verdict: Patriots W


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Gronk’s back injury will keep him out for the rest of the year and fans around the globe are hoping it isn’t curtains on his stellar career.

Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars
JACKSONVILLE’S defense has the capability of causing the Broncos offense some problems. Especially if that offense is being led by rookie Paxton Lynch after Trevor Siemian was ruled out with an injury. Von Miller and his friends on the defensive side of the ball will do enough to shut down the Jags offensively though and help Denver get the win.
Verdict: Broncos W

Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers
THEY need to run the table to stand any chance of winning a playoff spot and with Aaron Rodgers under center the Packers might just do it. Brock Osweiler has been really bad this year, like REALLY bad and if he wants to do his reputation any favours he needs to win this game. He won’t.
Verdict: Packers W

Philadelphia Eagles @ Cincinnati Bengals
TWO teams that had so much optimism surrounding them early in the year are now just fighting to stay relevant. The Bengals have a decimated offense and the ‘dominant’ Eagles defense is nowhere to be seen. Cincinnati get the nod only due to the fact that Philly is woeful on the road. 
Verdict: Bengals W

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

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With the Steelers hot on their heels the Ravens can’t let a win slip through their fingers against Miami.

Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens
ANOTHER ripper contest between two teams with playoff aspirations. Baltimore’s defense will give Jay Ajayi issues, which means this is a BIG opportunity for Ryan Tannehill to step up and make a name for himself. Once again though the home team gets the benefit of the doubt and should hold onto first place in the AFC North.
Verdict: Ravens W

San Francisco 49ers @ Chicago Bears
SPOILER alert this game is going to be bad. Colin Kaepernick and Matt Barkley are not going to play in an all-time classic on Sunday. The two teams are virtually playing for draft position if that makes the game interesting at all. No? Didn’t think so.
Verdict: Bears W

Buffalo Bills @ Oakland Raiders
LAST week had all the hallmarks of a loss for Oakland and yet they found a way to grind out another impressive win. They square off against a decent Bills team that can cause headaches for them. Tyrod Taylor looks like a legitimate starting quarterback and Shady McCoy is playing great this year, so this contest should be close. However the Raiders are just too good to be stopped right now.
Verdict: Raiders W

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If Eli Manning and the Giants are really playoff contenders a BIG win in Pittsburgh would send a message to the rest of the league.

New York Giants @ Pittsburgh Steelers
EVERYONE has been waiting to see the Steelers click into gear and decimate the league, yet as we tick into Week 13 it just hasn’t happened. Their inconsistencies have them in danger of missing the postseason so they must win this game. Manning and Beckham can change the game in a heartbeat and this contest should be close, but the Steelers have everything to lose right now and can’t afford to fall out of the AFC North race.
Verdict: Steelers W

Washington Redskins @ Arizona Cardinals
THIS clash has the potential to be super high scoring with both offenses possessing a ton of capable weapons. The likes of David Johnson and Kirk Cousins will light up the board, but the latter will take away bragging rights
Verdict: Redskins W

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Diego Chargers
THE Bucs are hot right now, especially on the defensive side of the ball. If they can find a way to shut down Melvin Gordon they should win. Unluckily for them though, Melvin Gordon can’t be stopped right now.
Verdict: Chargers W

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks
WITH a loss last weekend the Panthers all but confirmed that they will be missing the postseason this year. They desperately miss Luke Kuechly and Russell Wilson will exploit that gap in the field time and time again. The Seahawks need to avenge themselves after last weeks failure against Tampa Bay.
Verdict: Seahawks W