GOING into season 2016-17 there were a ton of people who had the Timberwolves ranked as a sleeper team to make the playoffs in a loaded Western Conference. Yet, a quarter of the season has been played and the Timberwolves find themselves hitched towards the bottom of the standings at 5-14. So what is the solution to their problems?

PERSONALLY I thought the Timberwolves would be right on the edge of the playoffs this year, yet I thought a 50-win season was a pipeline dream. They made some solid off-season moves, but looking forward they need to target savvy veterans that can contribute similar to the additions Utah made this year. Joe Johnson, Boris Diaw and George Hill have all come into that Jazz team and are complementing their young nucleus perfectly. That’s what Minnesota need to recruit over the next season or two.

WHILE¬†there is a debate over who is the alpha dog and if Zach LaVine is helping or hindering the team, there is no rush to find out the answer to those questions. Wiggins and Towns are both #1 picks and have the potential to develop into superstars, but that doesn’t mean that LaVine can’t be the closer on this team and have the ball in his hands a lot of the time. There is no need to try and debate who’s team it is or who should take the last shot. Not yet anyway.

LONG answer short, nothing is wrong with the Timberwolves. They have plenty of young talent and are in a great position to build into a powerhouse. There is no need for the franchise to achieve results overnight and become a contender. Whether the Towns/Wiggins/LaVine trio is the best combo for the team remains to be seen, but the three of them are blessed with enough budding talent to stand pat and just let time work it’s magic.