Stock Up/Stock Down takes a look at individuals/teams/trends/humans/mascots who for whatever reason have recently enhanced or hindered their stature in the sporting community.


Triple Doubles
LAST season in the NBA there were 75 triple doubles from 24 different guys and already through 20ish games this year, there have been 17 by 6 dudes. They are trending about the same, but the way Russell Westbrook and James Harden are playing this way 100 total triple doubles isn’t a target that’s out of reach. To hammer the point home Kentucky Wildcats freshman De’Aaron Fox had the 2nd triple double in school history this week. Everyone’s joining the party!

New Orleans Pelicans
THEĀ Pels have turned their fortunes around in the past few weeks. With a healthy Jrue Holiday back now and Anthony Davis playing with his sliders maxed the playoffs aren’t out of reach, despite a horrid 0-8 start to the year.

Washington Huskies
OHIO state did the Huskies a favour over the weekend by knocking off the Michigan Wolverines. Because of that result and Washington’s win over Washington State, the Huskies jumped into 4th place in the recent playoff rankings revealed by the committee. The question is can they hold on?

Aaron Rodgers
NEVER count out Aaron Rodgers. The former MVP showed us all why he is regarded as one of the best QB’s in history as he led the Packers to a dominant win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. While Green Bay still probably won’t make the playoffs, Rodgers made his point.

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Seattle Seahawks
SEATTLE really had a chance to deliver a message to the competition with a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Instead they laid an egg, scored 5 points and allowed the Cowboys to build their NFC lead. I believe that Seattle are still going to be a tough team to beat come playoff time, but they missed a golden opportunity to convince others they are the real deal.

Manchester United
AFTER a disappointing draw with West Ham on the weekend, Man U no has the fewest amount of points in club history after 13 games in the Premier League era. They still sit 6th on the table which means they aren’t in an awful position, but things aren’t going great for Jose Mourinho’s men so far this season.

Minnesota Timberwolves
THEIR highflying antics are putting bums on seats and make the T-Wolves a must subscription for league pass, but so far this season they haven’t lived up to the hype. Going into the year some media personalities where pumping Minnesota up as a potential 50 win team led by reigning ROY Karl-Anthony Towns. Instead their 5-12 record and KAT’s less than stellar play so far has them anchored near the bottom of the Western Conference.