IT’S no real surprise that the Golden State Warriors are playing stellar basketball early on and they still look like they haven’t clicked on all cylinders yet. They are becoming more and more like the unstoppable juggernaut we thought they would be every day. However, there is no real star on this team that seems to have jumped out to the front of the MVP race, or is there? Many people believe that come MVP voting time the Dubs will steal too many votes off of each other. So with that in mind I plan to rank all four All-Stars on the roster in order of their MVP chances through 18 games of the season.


WHILE statistics don’t tell the whole story let me paint you a quick picture. Last year Klay averaged 22 points and took 17.3 shots while this year he takes 16.7 shots a game for his 20 points. So why is his PER hovering right around the same number as Zaza Pachulia? Because the addition of Durant has turned him into a glorified spot up shooter, and while he will probably keep splashing wide open jumpers, he stands the smallest chance of winning MVP from his peers.


I know this might seem crazy, but hear me out. Steph Curry had one of the greatest seasons ever last year, nailing over 400 threes and winning his 2nd consecutive MVP trophy. Voters will fall into the same trap they did when Derrick Rose won the MVP after LeBron went back to back in ’09 and ’10, they get bored of voting for the same guy. Steph is still playing out of his mind, but the teams ‘point guard’ doesn’t even run the offence or lead the team in assists. Which brings me too…..


GREEN leads the team in rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. He is the only player in the league doing that for his team. Not even LeBron James or Russell Westbrook are doing that for their teams, and Green is playing with two MVP level teammates. He is the glue that is holding this team together so far and he is doing so by sacrificing a lot of his offensive game. Part of that has come from his poor shooting this year compared to last season, but he is still managing to put up similar rebounds and assists while significantly cutting down his turnovers (3.2-1.8). As the team continues to mesh early on expect Green’s shooting %’s to trend upwards and his pivotal role in the team to become more and more obvious.


OBVIOUSLY the 2013 MVP stands the best chance of taking home the trophy for the Warriors. He is shooting an absurd 57% from the field while averaging a career high in 3pt %, rebounds, blocks and steals. Everyone was debating who would suffer statistically from Durant joining Golden State and it seems like the answer is the three All-Stars from last years team have all sacrificed a small portion of their game for KD’s stat inflation.