AS another Sunday rolls around I’ll bring you the picks from the best sporting action on offer. This week we are taking a look at Week 12 of the NFL fixture, and as the race for playoff spots heats up there are a few contests that could shape the landscape of the post season.

Tennessee Titans @ Chicago Bears
THE run first, think later attack of Tennessee spells doom for Chicago as Marcus Mariota is slowly gets better with every game that passes this season. The Bears have too many absentees from their team to pose a real threat and the Titans need to win to stay in touch with the top of the AFC South.
Verdict: Titans W

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills
ANOTHER run dominant attack against a team that is struggling to visit the win column means another similar result. Tyrod Taylor has lifted his game to another level this year and the defense is helping to keep the Bills in the playoff picture. The Jacksonville Jaguars also still have Blake Bortles at quarterback. Case closed
Verdict: Bills W

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Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens
THE Ravens continue to look more and more like a playoff team despite losing a close match the Cowboys last weekend, while the Bengals are doing the opposite. Injuries to A.J. Green and Giovanni Bernard mean that the Cincinnati offense won’t be able to put up a fight against this dominant defense
Verdict: Ravens W

Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons
AN intriguing matchup between two teams on opposite sides of the standings, The Cardinals were expected to push for a playoff spot, but instead have been in free-fall this year with Carson palmer struggling mighty. The Falcons on the other hand have on of the best offenses in the league and are a threat to score 40+ every week. This matchup should be close, but I’m going with the home squad.
Verdict: Falcons W

New York Giants @ Cleveland Browns
I do feel for the Cleveland Browns who stand a legitimate chance at an upset in this match. that being said the Giants have everything to lose and can’t afford to slip up if they want to cement themselves in the playoffs. Expect the Giants to leave Ohio with the win.
Verdict: Giants W

Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints
AS mess that is the Rams organisation continues on their towards to .500 the New Orleans Saints are looking to stay in touch with the playoff race. Jared Goff might provide a highlight or two, but New Orleans needs the win to stay alive.
Verdict: Saints W

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Jared Goff didn’t get off to a winning start against the Dolphins last week, but the Rams will be hoping Game #2 is a different story

San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins
MUCH like the Giants/Browns contest one team needs to win to stay in touch with the playoffs and show they belong, while the only thing the other team is fighting for is respect. The 49ers are anchored at the bottom of the league and the Dolphins are peaking at the right time of year.
Verdict: Dolphins W

San Diego Chargers @ Houston Texans
FLIP a coin. That might literally be the best way to pick a winner here. The Chargers are favoured, but by no means are they a certainty to win. The Texans are leading the AFC South and they need the win more than San Diego, but I don’t think that Houston’s offense can score enough points to beat the Chargers.
Verdict: Chargers

Seattle Seahawks @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
THE Seahawks are starting to perform their patented ‘playoffs are close, let’s kick it up a notch’ act and move through the NFC with ease. Tampa Bay does pose a threat, but it doesn’t have the necessary defensive stopping power to halt the Seattle steam train.
Verdict: Seahawks W

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I smell an upset brewing in Oakland this weekend from Super Cam and Co.

Carolina Panthers @ Oakland Raiders
LAST Thursday night the Panthers beat the Saints, but it came at a cost with star linebacker Luke Kuechly suffering a scary concussion. Without him the Panthers defense has the potential to be exposed by the incredible Derek Carr led Raiders passing attack, that has seen Oakland soar into AFC Championship contention. So why are the Panthers going to win? Because we haven’t seen a dominant Cam Newton performance yet this season, and despite their defensive short comings the reigning MVP is going to turn it on against the Raiders and lead his team to victory.
Verdict: Panthers W

New England Patriots @ New York Jets
NO need to beat around the bush here, the juggernaut that is the Patriots should take care of a woeful Jets outfit. The defense that was meant to be so amazing and dominant has failed New York and the multi-dimensional New England attack will chew them up and spit them out.
Verdict: Patriots W

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos
THE final Sunday Night matchup between the two AFC West foes shapes as the best game on Sunday. Injuries to Kansas City players hurt their chances, but the inconsistent Broncos offense hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire. If Alex Smith can fire against the Denver defense, which I’m predicting he will, then the Chiefs can take the win.
Verdict: Chiefs W